ALYI – Alternet Systems Hemp Electric Delivery Vehicle Validated By Amazon Commitment To Electric Delivery Vehicles

DALLAS, TX – September 24, 2019 –– Alternet Systems, Inc. (USOTC: ALYI) (“ALYI”) today highlighted Amazon’s recent order of 100,000 electric delivery vans.  CEO Jeff Bezos has publicly announced a commitment Amazon’s delivery fleet running entirely on renewable energy.  ALYI had launched a comprehensive electric vehicle initiative that includes electric delivery vans constructed from hemp fiber prior to Amazon’s recent announcement. ALYI management considers Amazon’s electric delivery van direction a strong validation of ALYI’s strategy. The difference between Amazon’s electric delivery van and ALYI’s is that the ALYI electric delivery van is being developed for the rugged, rural delivery environment in Africa.



Jeff-Bezos founder and chief executive officer of inc. speaks at the national press club in Washington D.C. on Thursday Sept.19 2019


ALYI recently announced a partnership with Nouveau (USOTC: NOUV) to develop a prototype car body material from hemp fiber.  ALYI recently confirmed plans to extend its current electric motorcycle manufacturing initiative in Africa – targeting an overall $300 million project opportunity – with the subsequent production of electric delivery vehicles.  ALYI’s electric delivery vehicle plans call for a vehicle produced from hemp fiber utilizing a hemp battery.  NOUV is a new hemp cultivation company with a strategic focus on developing innovative industrial uses for hemp.  NOUV is already working with ALYI to provide material for ALYI’s hemp battery developments.  NOUV also works with Kali-Extracts (USOTC: KALY) toward the development of proprietary cultivars. NOUV is a spinoff from Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA).

ALYI CEO And Africa Development Organization CEO On African Industrialization

Goldman Small Cap Research recently published a podcast interview of ALYI CEO Randell Torno with the CEO of the Africa Development Organization, Libasse Diop Dia.  The podcast interview is hosted by Senior Research Analyst Rob Goldman of Goldman Small Cap Research.  The two CEO’s discuss the industrialization Africa with a focus on the development of clean, sustainable energy.  ALYI’s $300 million electric vehicle (EV) initiative in Africa is featured in the podcast.  ALYI’s ongoing hemp supercapacitor initiative is also underlined in the conversation between the two CEO’s as a promising clean energy solution in Africa.  Mr. Torno goes on in the interview to discuss the need in Africa for delivery vehicles and a plan to fulfill such a need with electric vehicles.

ALYI Speculative Buy Recommendation and $0.09 Price Target

The podcast interview of the two CEOs can be found on the Goldman Small Cap Research website with an updated Analyst Research Report reiterating Goldman’s previous investment recommendations for ALYI.

Podcast Interview Takeaway: ALYI Offers Even Greater Upside than Originally Anticipated

Alternet Systems, Inc. is today overall focused on offering varied, environmentally sustainable, energy storage solutions for targeted markets, including consumer electric vehicles and military applications.

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