BHPA Issues Letter to Shareholders on Crypto Cloud Mining Strategy

CHENGDU, China — August 12, 2019 —  — BHPA, Inc. (OTCMKTS: BHPA)  (“BHPA” or the “Company”), an emerging leader in the cryptocurrency cloud mining marketplace, issues the following letter to Shareholders from the CEO:

Dear Valued Shareholder,

I want to start off by taking a moment to thank our most loyal and committed shareholders. The Cryptocurrency space has been through a deep retrenchment over the past 18 months. But we are finally beginning to see a great deal of light at the end of the tunnel and a lot of new green shoots popping up out of some very fertile soil.

Today, I want to lay out our plan for capitalizing on this opportunity over coming quarters because we have some very exciting steps both in front of us and already underway.

First off, it’s important to appreciate our core strategic value proposition. BHPA does not seek to speculate on the fluctuations that drive so much interest in the cryptocurrency marketplace. But we do seek to profit from the millions of people, both private entrepreneurs and large firms, that do, particularly when it comes to hashing out mining gains for large and popular coins such as Bitcoin.

We bring to the table a strong profile of cloud hash power and big-data processing that we are leveraging to form an SaaS platform resource designed to eliminate the need for verticality in an industry that makes no sense as a vertically oriented pursuit.

In other words, to profit as a cryptocurrency miner, you really don’t need to have a giant warehouse in northern Norway filled with thousands of machines. The ecosystem doesn’t need to be shaped that way. We are committed to disrupting that model and proving that there is a net uptick in overall efficiency for all parties when the niche of “SaaS cloud platform” is inserted into the food chain.

We already have a powerful and growing global network of partners to help make that case.

Because we are providing a service for miners, rather than acting as a miner, our results should be far less volatile than those of a miner now that we have seen a strong recovery in Bitcoin prices. According to our analysis, the most efficient mining operations are profitable above $5,000/Bitcoin at this stage, while far less efficient miners are profitable above $8,000. With Bitcoin now well above $10,000, we expect a sustained growth in mining interest, forming a highly productive context for our overall market strategy.

Finally, we are very excited to now be trading on a US stock exchange and to be trading under a stock symbol (BHPA) that makes sense to current and prospective investors. A coherent corporate identity and access to deep and liquid capital markets are two of the most important factors for successfully financing an expansion phase in any business endeavor.

We have a very aggressive growth path in front of us, and it’s good know we have cemented these factors into place as the ride gets underway.

Warmest Regards,
Wenjie Wu, CEO

About BHPA, INC.

BHPA, Inc  (OTCMKTS: BHPA) is leveraging its strong cloud hash power and big data processing capabilities toward the creation of a reliable and convenient cloud hash power service platform. The Company’s wholly-owned subsidiary, BHP Advance Inc., which acts as the technology and service operator, is focused on providing a cryptocurrency mining SaaS platform powered by a reliable and secure blockchain algorithm, along with market-leading data processing capabilities and other online services. At present, BHP Advance has a well-established global partnership network with a number of large-scale cryptocurrency mining farms, such as RenRenmine Farms. The Company is dedicated to providing a cloud mining solution capable of breaking new barriers in the cryptocurrency mining space, allowing crypto mining firms and enthusiasts to transcend the defining limitations of time, power, and technology horizon.

Forward-Looking Statements

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