Toronto, May 18, 2021 — McapMediaWire — Eco Depot, Inc. (OTC Pink: ECDP), a Nevada company, Bronya Canada Group, a wholly owned subsidiary of Eco-Depot Inc has been invited to demonstrate our energy savings Bronya Climate Shield Thermal Paint at the United Nations World Tourism Organization (UNWTO) FITUR TRADE FAIR event in Madrid, Spain.  Bronya Climate Shield (BCS) has submitted the NTS Sci-Lab energy savings report published April 27th to Wakalua, The Tourism Innovation Hub boosted by Globalia in collaboration with the UNWTO.

After reviewing the NTS test results and evaluating the comparable products, Wakalua invited Bronya Canada Group to attend and demonstrate the Bronya Climate Shield product at the FITUR Conference. This conference will allow the Company to showcase its Bronya Climate Shield thermal paint to over 11,040 companies from over 165 Countries & Regions, 150,089 Professionals and 111,089 Visitors attending the conference from May 17th to May 21st.

The test conducted by NTS Sci-Lab based on Mil-Spec Test Protocol was submitted with Bronya Climate Shield samples as a possible Hotel Energy Solution (HSE), a United Nations World Tourism Organization – initiated project collaboration with a team of United Nations and EU leading agencies in Tourism and Energy. The project delivers the information, technical support & training to help Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) in the tourism and accommodation sector across the EU 27 to increase their energy efficiency and renewable energy usage.

HES responds to climate imperatives in line with EU targets and the Davos Process 2007, which stipulate the required actions for the tourism sector:

  • adapting tourism businesses and destinations to changing climate conditions
  • mitigating greenhouse gas emissions
  • supporting investments in energy efficiency and usage of renewable energy resources and technologies.


The hotel sector is one of the tourism industry’s largest drivers of employment and economic revenue, but at the same time, it is one of the most energy-intensive. In fact, hotels and other types of accommodation account for 2% of the 5% global COemitted by the tourism sector.

The project’s focus on SMEs is particularly important, as the utilization of out-dated technologies, lack of human and financial resources and a limited awareness and knowledge on greener alternatives may all be contributing to decreasing their competitiveness. In addition, SMEs are usually less proactive about the environment in comparison to larger hotel chains. Helping the sector respond to the challenges of climate change is thereby necessary.

We at Bronya Climate Shield have proven in several case studies that applying a 1 mm coating of Bronya Climate Shield to HVAC systems, Boilers, Ventilation Systems, Hot water and Chiller pipes can dramatically increase efficiency, reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions.

Our new easy flow Bronya Climate Shield paint developed over the past 90 days can be applied like paint to the exterior façade of Hotels which require extreme maintenance due to their proximity to saltwater locations. Our product is affordable, cost-effective, easy to apply, with no expertise required, environmentally friendly and most importantly a game-changer in the battle against climate change.

The NTS Sci-Lab report confirmed the BTU, Joules, Averages, Difference & Difference (%) are based on Celsius rounded values.  Refer to Tables 1 to 8 of the report for detailed temperature difference results, which averaged between 24.38 % and 42.98%.

Note: A copy of the full NTS Sci-Lab report is available in Eco Depot, Inc. (ECDP) Supplementary Filings and available by request at Eco Depot corporate.

Product Information

Bronya Climate Shield™ is multi-purpose liquid insulation that can be applied on any surface, both indoors and outdoors, at temperatures of –60 °C up to +200 °C. Bronya Climate Shield is a cost-effective Do-It-Yourself (DIY) product with thermal conductivity of 0,03 W/m Celsius, proven to reduce energy costs by up to 42% and labour costs by 70%. Moreover, this excellent quality product provides insulation lasting from 10 to 30 years, depending on the application.

Bronya’s product line also includes a thermal waterproof, fire-retardant and anti-corrosion liquid Thermal paint coating. Bronya Climate Shield can provide its end-users with an easy-to-use, safe, and cost-effective liquid thermal insulation paint product line that drastically improves the thermal efficiency in building, transportation, and industrial sectors.

Note: A copy of the full report is available in Eco Depot, Inc. (ECDP) Supplementary Filings.


The World Tourism Organization is the United Nations Agency responsible for promoting responsible, sustainable and universally accessible tourism. For further information of Hotel Energy Solutions (HES) visit


Eco Depot, Inc. acquires, manages, and develops eco-friendly real estate assets and consumer brand products. Their focus is to provide investments, funding, and support for acquisitions, start-ups, entrepreneurs, and green companies dedicated to protecting the environment. Eco Depot is a development stage distributor of eco-friendly consumer brand products and is publicly traded Over the Counter at OTC Pink: ECDP 


Bronya Coatings Group, Inc. (“the Company”) is based in Montreal and intends to commercialize a Multi-Purpose liquid thermal insulation paint Bronya Climate Shield product line in North America. The Company’s mission is to establish third-party production facilities globally to reduce the costs associated with the business’ supply chain. The Company also has established relationships with major home improvement stores on a worldwide basis.


Bronya Climate Shield™ increases energy efficiency, energy savings and reduces carbon emissions through energy conservation. Product website:


Eco-Depot Inc

2300 West Sahara Avenue

Suite 800

Las Vegas, NV 89102


Tel: 1 (800) 323-7006




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