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All For One Media (AFOM): Drama Drama Soundtrack Hits Major Platforms

Since the tween motion picture sensation, Drama Drama, came out earlier this month, the volume has been picking up in shares of the company behind the movie, All For One Media Corp (OTC US: AFOM). However, this morning, the company put out a press release that should come as big news to its shareholders for several reasons. First and possibly foremost, it represents the first company press release in nearly two years. After such a break from official communications, the fact that the company...

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All For One Media (AFOM) in Focus as Tween Sensation ‘Drama Drama’ Goes Global

All For One Media Corp (OTC US: AFOM) shares have started to find some interest in 2021 after being left-for-dead in 2020 following the indefinite suspension of one of the company’s initial major media projects, “Drama Drama”, which is the name of both a major motion picture and an all-girl musical group targeting the tween market. The good news for the company is that the project got back on track this year, and the motion picture successfully opened across all major platforms this month,...

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