OTC Podcast Paul Quintal – an Internet veteran now Chairman of Wikisoft

  SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Dec. 08, 2021 -- McapMediaWire -- Wikisoft Corp. (the “Company,” “we,” and “our”) (OTCQB: WSFT). Paul Quintal, the Chairman of Wikisoft (WSFT), is an American businessman and entrepreneur who has transformed company strategies and business models, built strong brands and launched leading products. He is a leader who puts ‘execution’ at the top of his priority list. Mr. Quintal was recently the guest on the weekly Business and Investing OTCQB Podcast from OTC Global...

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Big Data – Wikisoft’s Big Vision

  SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Nov. 18, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Wikisoft Corp. (the "Company," "we," and "our") (OTCQB: WSFT) -- In 2017, the fledgling Wikisoft had a big vision – help businesses large and small in a big way. Our founders’ goal was to create a company information database and then share the information to help small companies grow big. Since then, the company has grown, added world class executives to the C-level team and invested heavily into Big Data technology to fulfill the...

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Pandemic Changes Hiring – WSFT HR Tech Stock

  SAN FRANCISCO, CA, Nov. 11, 2021  -- McapMediaWire -- Wikisoft Corp. (the "Company," "we," and "our") (OTCQB: WSFT) - The global Covid-19 pandemic has accelerated digital transformation, perhaps, more than any other influence in the last decade. Whilst some businesses have had to adapt or resign from activity altogether, others have seen continual growth. Amongst the companies that have benefitted, some have seen unprecedented growth driven by changing consumer demand. One area of...

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