Carson City, NV, September 06, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- Zicix Corporation’s (OTC Pink: ZICX) President Mr. Fernando Sopot in its report to ZICIX stockholders, that its operating company CTIP First Investment, Inc. (CTIP-FII) is making a headway in securing contracts to undertake various government and private projects, in partnership with qualified and experienced groups as part of the Consortium, such as AIC Progetti, SpA of Rome, a state-owned China Railway 14th Bureau Group Co.,...

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ZICIX owned CTIP-FII Receives Award from Liberia’s Ministry of Public Works for Road Project

  Carson City, NV, August 22, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- Zicix Corporation’s (OTC Pink: ZICX) operating company, CTIP First Investment, Inc. (CTIP-FII), has accepted an award for the $300 million road project planned to be built in Liberia. The project will span more than 200 kilometers and connect the cities of Buchanon, Cestos, and Greenville to greatly reduce travel time and transportation costs for the coastal highway. The project was approved by Zicix Chairman William Petty and will be...

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ZICIX Receives Health Ministry’s Support for Hospital Project in Senegal

  Carson City, NV, August 11, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- The President of the $160 million P2A Hospital Project, Dr. Alioune Badara Faye, has secured the support of Senegal’s Ministry of Health to proceed. Under the Senegal Foreign Investment Act, Zicix Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX) in partnership with the Polyclinique de L’Amitie et de L’Alliance (P2A) will receive investment incentives from the Government of Senegal to bring the healthcare facility to fruition. Located in Dakar, the...

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ZICIX Corporation to Develop P2A Hospital Project in Senegal

  Carson City, NV, August 02, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- ZICIX Corporation's (OTC Pink: ZICX) having previously acquired CTIP-FII for the purpose of several infrastructure development projects, has announced an investing partner Société Générale Bank. Société Générale Bank is located in Senegal and will invest in the P2A Hospital Project consisting of 300 hospital beds and 250 hotel dormitory rooms, with a proposed project cost of about $160 million. The P2A Hospital Project also consists...

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  Carson City, NV, July 11, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- ZICIX Corporation's (OTC Pink: ZICX) Chairman, Mr. William A. Petty has announced giving “green light” to its operating company CTIP First Investment, Inc. (CTIP-FII) to invest and undertake the development of the 300 Beds Hospital, 250 Rooms Hotel/Dormitory, and 5 MW Solar Energy Project, in Dakar, Senegal with a project cost of about $160 Million. In an interview with Mr. Petty and ZICIX President, Mr. Fernando M. Sopot, they cited...

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ZICIX Finalizes Acquisition of CTIP-FII

  Carson City, NV, June 29, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- In March 2022, Chairman William Petty of ZICIX Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX) announced his intention to restructure the company and pursue a business relationship with Fernando Sopot, the President and Founder of CTIP First Investment Inc. (CTIP-FII). Mr. Petty and Mr. Sopot have finalized the negotiations and the acquisition has been completed. ZICIX will now maintain a significant interest of CTIP-FII as Mr. Sopot serves as President...

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  Carson City, NV, June 06, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- The Zicix Corporation's (OTC Pink: ZICX) operating company, CTIP First Investment, Inc. (CTIP-FII) has signed “Development Contract” with the Government of Uganda through the Public Procurement and Disposal of Public Assets Authority (PPDA) to undertake the development of a 150-beds hospital and Medical School Building Projects in Uganda’s Wakisu District, with a project cost of about $77.7 Million. The amount covers construction costs,...

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  Carson City, NV, June 02, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- Zicix Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX) has acquired CTIP First Investment, Inc. (CTIP- FII), thus making CTIP-FII as ZICIX’ operating company in so far as project development activities of ZICIX are concerned. CTIP-FII is a corporation registered in the State of Florida, with head office  in  New  Jersey.  Its website  is The company is engaged in the business of project development and project finance.  It  is ...

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ZICIX to Acquire Controlling Interest of CTIP-FII

  Carson City, NV, March 08, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- Zicix Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX) has issued a Letter of Intent (LOI) to CTIP First Investment, Inc. (CTIP-FII) to acquire controlling shares of the company. CTIP-FII is a corporation registered in the State of Florida, with the main office located in New Jersey. The company is engaged in the business of project development and project finance, currently focused on the development of government infrastructure in different countries...

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ZICIX Corp. Names New President, CEO

  Carson City, NV, Feb. 22, 2022 -- McapMediaWire -- Zicix Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX) has undergone a shift in leadership, with current CEO William Petty announcing his successor as Dr. Ramiro Jordan. Dr. Jordan was previously appointed to the role of President of the company, while Mr. Petty will remain the Chairman of the Board. The new President of Zicix Corporation has been revealed to be Mr. Fernando M. Sopot, who will take on the role effective immediately. Mr. Sopot also serves...

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ZICIX Announces Plan to Join The Amazon For Life Project

  Carson City, NV, Nov. 22, 2021 -- McapMediaWire -- Dr. Ramiro Jordan, President of Zicix Corporation (OTC Pink: ZICX), will be overseeing the latest project for the Zicix Group/Peace Engineering partnership. By signing a Joint Venture Agreement with EMVISUR SRL, Zicix has pledged their services to the Amazon For Life (AFL) project. EMVISUR SRL, represented by Javier Calvo Kirigin, has gathered a team of experts in Large-Scale Forestry and Agriculture, Indigenous Community liaisons,...

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