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After bringing in leaders like Andreesen Horowitz partner, Andrew Omori, and former top exec at NBC, BBC, Viacom, and PBS, Perry Simon, Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) appears poised to step into the stock market spotlight and monetize its 280 million social media followers for potentially powerful gains in shareholder value as the top dog in the emerging social media influencer-based marketing industry.

That case is made here.


Some Background

The Social Media trend keeps gaining steam and presents “internet 2.0” naysayers with a growing plate of crow for dinner with each new quarterly earnings set.

The total size of the industry is now over 3 billion users, and it continues to grow. More importantly, the second-derivative nature of its relationship with global commerce continues to grow at a much faster rate. Where do you go for your sense of the ebb and flow of cultural life? Where do you go to gain perspective on trends, technology, fashion, daily life, what’s hot, what’s not?

It’s likely, if you’re honest, that it all boils down to participation in an ecosystem that has social media at its center. This is especially true for younger people.

That brings demographics into the picture.


Two Big Swells

The world can be boiled down to demographics. Generations come to the beach of social reality like waves. They swell and roll into power and then recede, shaping everything around them in their wake. But the dynamics involved in determining which demographic waves will bear the most power over big trends are forged through birth rates.

That means the driver behind so much of how the world works comes down to factors rooted 20-30 years in the past. The Baby Boomers offer a great example.

WWII came and went. When it went, millions of people in the US and many more around the world found occasion to start families they had postponed due to the war. That spawned a massive birth swell around the 1950’s. Those born from 1946-1964 make up what we now call “The Baby Boomers”, which forms the second largest generation in world history.

When they hit their 40’s, on average, the world economy exploded because, as economists and demographers have documented, people are at their most significant in terms of production and consumption when they are in their 40’s. We now know this period as the economic boom of the 1990’s – when the center of gravity of this demographic dynamic was at its height.

But, as noted, that was just the second biggest such swell.

The biggest was when those folks started having kids, waiting until after the turmoil and pain of the great inflation of the 1970’s. Those kids are known as “The Millennials”. And they make up by far and away the most significant demographic factor in the history of the world economy.


The Millennials and Social Media

The Millennials are now somewhere between 25-40, just reaching their most important impact zone for the world economy. And they grew up with the internet.

More importantly, they grew up with social media as a mechanism for gaining perspective on who to be, what to do, what to buy, how to develop a sense of self.

Nothing will supplant this engine of information transmission because it represents a community perspective. Nothing takes priority over word-of-mouth opinion for humans. It’s a built-in concept. We trust the opinion of others when it is ratified by communal corroboration.

As such, nothing will supplant social media as the most important vehicle through which to spread persuasion. Like it or not, the primacy of social media influencers is here to stay. Widely respected and followed opinion leaders with the most sway have instantiated themselves as the most important natural marketing resource on the planet, with no competition.

For investors, this is a significant idea, and the beneficiaries of this reality certainly include the major social media investment vehicles, including Facebook (NASDAQ:FB), Snap Inc (NYSE:SNAP), Pinterest Inc (NYSE:PINS), Twitter (NYSE:TWTR), and Global X Social Media ETF (NASDAQ:SOCL).

But there’s also another vehicle that deserves attention: Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR), the world’s leading publicly traded social media influencer-based marketing and media company.


Stacking Up Credibility

Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) has started to build a team and advisory board situation that should serve to shut down its critics, starting with the recently announced the addition of Andrew Omori, partner at Andreessen Horowitz (, who came on board as a key member of the Company’s official Advisory Board.

Andrew has been a key player working with SNAP, PINS, RBLX, and the Clubhouse app, among others. a16z has established itself as quite likely the most successful and respected VC firm on the planet.

Clubhouse Media is an influencer-based marketing and media firm with a massive aggregate global social media reach driven by its in-house stars, which include some of the most powerful and widely followed influencers on the planet at present. That makes Andrew a powerful addition with the potential to drive credibility for the company. If a top a16z partner is willing to join this team, so it would seem, then one would do well to give the company a measure of the benefit of the doubt.

This same dynamic was just augmented further this week with the addition of Perry Simon, who will join the Clubhouse Media advisory board, bringing years of experience in the media sector to the company.

Simon is the former general manager of PBS and BBC Worldwide. Simon also held roles at Viacom Productions, now a segment of ViacomCBS Inc (NASDAQ:VIAC), and NBC, now a segment of Comcast Corporation (NASDAQ:CMCSA). Simon has won multiple awards in the media sector, including Golden Globes, Emmys and Peabodys.

“Perry is an iconic figure in the entertainment and media landscape and a genuine thought leader in the field of mission-driven mass media,” Clubhouse Media President Chris Young said in a statement.

In other words, after bringing on a partner from perhaps the world’s top VC firm, Clubhouse also brought in one of the world’s top executives in major media.

The company’s mass of credibility is growing fast, which complements its growth in reach and scale.

According to a recent article published in a top-25 major syndicated newspaper, the company has already established a dominant presence in aggregate reach, with a currently estimated 280 million social media followers through its Clubhouse Media influencers, as well as an additional 9 million through its own branded accounts. As a result, the company has already landed major marketing deals with top global brands according to its official communications.


And NFTs Too

Clubhouse Media Group Inc (OTCMKTS:CMGR) runs content houses that provide a luxurious home base for some of the world’s most popular social media influencers.

The company gets access to a massive and diverse base of social media consumers and the influencers get a mansion with a view, publicists, a media team, full-scale video production resources, and full-scale styling production and in-house studio amenities to support their continued career advancement.

Influencers can also grow their follower bases by cross-pollinating with other star influencers who live in the same house.

That translates into massive potential on the social media marketing front, given its enormous and rapidly growing reach through its signed influencers.

However, there’s another story brewing here: The company recently put out a release noting that, at this point, it has begun preparations toward the launch of a new content house focused on the creation, tokenization, and sale of unique digital artwork and content items associated with NFTs.

According to the release, BlockhouseCH will seek to leverage the Company’s strong network to bring together leading artists, influencers, and experts in personal finance, cryptocurrency investing, and the NFT marketplace. In addition, through BlockhouseCH, the Company intends to tokenize content from in-house creators to be marketed on platforms such as

It looks like the company is also planning to function through its BlockhouseCH model as an expert-mediated digital art NFT investor and dealer, identifying opportunities centered on promising digital artwork that can be acquired, tokenized, and marketed, with the Company’s powerful influencer network helping to market such items.

Lastly, the BlockhouseCH content stream will be tailored to the crypto-curious, with experts and leading content creators generating content tailored to people interested in cryptocurrencies, angel investing, personal finance, and alternative stored value opportunities, including collectibles.

That puts it in league with such recent momentum plays as Plby Group Inc (NASDAQ:PLBY), Oriental Culture Holding Ltd (NASDAQ:OCG), and Mudrick Capital Acquisition CorporatinII (NASDAQ:MUDS) (Topps trading cards).

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