Daniel Blum, CEO at BioHemp International (OTC: BKIT), discusses new position, CBD opportunities, and long-term company goals with Cannabis Hemp Wire

NEW YORK, New York–July 10th, 2019  — – Cannabis Hemp Wire’s David Hempstein interviewed new BioHemp International (OTC: BKIT) CEO, Daniel Blum earlier this week to discuss new role, opportunities in the cannabinoid (CBD) market and both short and long term corporate goals. Mr. Blum joined BioHemp International, a Company focused on rolling up a distribution platform for CBD providers to become the leading consolidation force in the CBD industry, in June this year.

Hempstein opened the interview with a discussion about the existing opportunities available in the CBD space, to which Mr. Blum commented, “when you consider how cannabis has become increasingly integrated into mainstream society, as represented by the number of states that have legalized recreational or medical markets, CBD will be on the rise for the coming years. In my opinion, because of CBD’s non-psychoactive properties, it has a lot of potential to go mainstream as a substitute to conventional painkillers and medications. That’s where the potential scope of this market lies, and that’s where I see the opportunity”.

Following this, Hempstein asked Mr. Blum what brought him to take his current role as CEO at BioHemp International. Mr. Blum responded that it was the excitement of the market, its benefits, and the variety of uses and appeal CBD is receiving from different customer groups and retail players. “I have a strong personal interest in CBD space; I understand the benefits of the treatments. CBD is red-hot in the marketplace, and I’m ready to capitalize off this trend from the distribution side, which hasn’t received as nearly much focus as product creation”, he added.

Hempstein then asked about Mr. Blum’s previous experience and strengths. Mr. Blum replied: “I’ve had over 8 years of business development experience across a variety of sectors including fintech, sales and hospitality. [This] will be instrumental as the business plan requires organization and transactional management, and I anticipate a high level of deal flow that will need to be synthesized. My past experience in business development has well prepared me to lead and manage this essential aspect for the Company.”

Finally, the interview closed with Hempstein asking about Mr. Blum’s short and long term goals while at the helm of BKIT. Mr. Blum answered: “I want to complete an acquisition or two over the next 90 days[…], help set the tone for what I want our Company to represent not only to our investors and the market, but to operators in the CBD space. I want to show them what kind of Company we are looking to build, and demonstrate why they [should] want to be a part of it”. Moving into long-term goals, Mr. Blum concluded: “I want BKIT to be the market leader in CBD distribution. [Our] strategy is aimed at becoming the market leader by spearheading the natural consolidation of the industry through the creation of a distribution platform targeted at existing consumer CBD wholesalers and retailers. We want to be the name synonymous with the leader in the CBD industry”.

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BioHemp International (OTC: BKIT) is a Company focused on rolling up a distribution platform for CBD providers to become the leading consolidation force in the CBD industry. For more information, view the Company’s website

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