Electromedical Technologies and Nazarbayev University to Commence Landmark Alzheimer’s Disease Research Program


  • The Stage I research program now includes development of targeted Alzheimer’s Disease therapy using bioelectronics
  • Experienced neuroscientist Dr. Sholpan Askarova to lead neuromodulation research program
  • Key objective is identification of electrical frequencies with a neuroprotection potency
  • Novel approach could emerge as alternative Alzheimer’s Disease therapy to current, ineffective pharmaceuticals
  • Global therapy market is huge, estimated to reach $13.3 billion in 2023


SCOTTSDALE, AZ, July 29, 2021 — McapMediaWire–  Electromedical Technologies, Inc. (OTCQB: EMED) (the “Company”), a pioneer in the development and production of bioelectronic devices designed to relieve chronic, intractable and acute pains by using frequencies and electro-modulation, is expanding its Stage I research programs in collaboration with Nazarbayev University to develop an Alzheimer’s disease therapy by identifying electrical frequencies with a neuroprotection potency. It is hoped that this novel research program could lead to further non-invasive bioelectronic therapy development as an alternative to current pharmaceutical therapy which has largely proven ineffective in treating this incurable, debilitating disease.  Published reports suggest 44 million people worldwide suffer from Alzheimer’s Disease or a related form of dementia. Thus, the global Alzheimer’s Disease treatment market is expected to reach $13.3 billion in 2023, according to GlobalData.

Alzheimer’s Disease is a most common form of the age-related neurodegenerative disorder causing loss of memory, dramatic changes in character and behavior progressing to inability to carry out normal daily life activities. The disease pathology is linked to accumulation of a toxic beta-amyloid peptide (Aß42) in brain tissues leading to a major cellular stress in brain cells associated with mitochondrial dysfunction, neuro-inflammation, and ultimately to a gradual death of neuronal cells.

Matthew Wolfson, Founder and CEO of Electromedical Technologies, comments, “So far, Alzheimer’s disease remains incurable because all pharmaceutical drug development attempts to create the effective medicines have not been successful. We must explore alternative therapies for our loved ones and future generations. The various non-invasive biophysical methods such as ultrasound, laser and electromagnetic fields are actively pursued and shown promises in the recent decade. It is our core interest to develop non-invasive neuromodulation effects by identifying the effective electrical frequencies to relieve Alzheimer’s Disease related stress on neurons, to promote neuroprotection and, therefore, to extend a neuronal survival with prolongation of brain functionality. We are actively expanding our programs in this area and it is a major focus of our research team led by Professor Dos D. Sarbassov, Professor of the Department of Biology, School of Sciences and Humanities at Nazarbayev University.”

Dr. Sarbassov is a prominent expert in cell signaling, who received an intensive postdoctoral research training at MIT’s Whitehead Institute for Biomedical Research and worked for many years as a Faculty Member of the Molecular and Cellular Oncology Department at MD Anderson Cancer Center. He joined Nazarbayev University in 2019 to contribute to a scientific development of the country of his origin. In 2020, Dr. Sarbassov became a Director of the National Laboratory Astana (NLA), a leading research organization at Nazarbayev University.

Dr. Dos Sarbassov commented, “It is a great collaborative effort of academic institutions combined with the industrial sector that is instrumental for advancing development of a potent neuroprotective therapy to alleviate the AD related brain pathology. It is a challenging task and our research team is strengthened by the recent addition of an experienced neuroscientist Dr. Sholpan Askarova to lead our neuromodulation research program. It is an exciting time for us to set up the groundbreaking research with a purpose to incite neuronal cells by an extracellular electrical wave.”

Dr. Sholpan Askarova is head of the Laboratory of Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine at NLA. Following her research training in Cell and Tissue Biology at al-Farabi Kazakh National University (Almaty, Kazakhstan), she received a PhD degree in Bioengineering in 2011 from the University of Missouri. Dr. Askarova’s primary research interests are the molecular and cellular mechanisms of neurodegenerative diseases and aging by studying cell signaling pathways and damaging effect of amyloid-beta-peptide implicated in Alzheimer’s disease. In addition, she has studied the effects of a low energy electromagnetic fields on brain cells, which dovetails with the AD research program. Dr. Askarova has notably published a number of papers in this field.

“Oxidative stress induced by accumulation of amyloid-beta peptide is one of the main mechanisms leading to neuronal dysfunction in AD. Monitoring oxidative stress in neuronal and astrocytic cells is our working platform in identifying the potent electrical frequencies neutralizing the damaging impact provoked by a stressful environment. This exciting research project will be carried out by Dr. Andrey Tsoy, a most experienced and leading scientist in my laboratory,” noted Dr. Sholpan Askarova.

Matthew Wolfson commented further, “Bioelectronics or “electroceuticals” is an exciting emerging category of medicine. Our flagship device, the Wellness Pro Plus, has been helping thousands of people suffering from chronic pain, live pain free and have a better quality of life. Through our research we are excited for the possibilities to one day understand the mechanisms of electrical signaling on cells in an effort to provide a solid foundation in our development of effective novel therapies and treatments of inflammation, neurodegenerative disorders and opioid addiction using frequencies. With this research program and the parameters we are putting in place, the Company and the University look forward to commencing the IDE (Investigational Device Exemption) process leading to a submission with the FDA.” 

About Nazarbayev University: 

Nazarbayev University (NU), established on the initiative of the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2010, is the country’s flagship academic institution with aspirations to become a global-level research university. This is the first university in Kazakhstan which is guided by the principles of autonomy and academic freedom. Located in the capital of Kazakhstan, NU is a research university with growing international renown combining education, research and innovation on a state of the art 21st-century campus. NU scholars conduct research in many fields, and seek to expand human knowledge through innovation, analysis, and collaboration. Within ten years since its inception, NU has become a leading research university in Kazakhstan. NU research is supported by the government of the Republic of Kazakhstan, local and international organizations, and is carried out in the Schools, Research Centers and Institutes. Please visit Nazarbayev University website to find comprehensive information on the NU research activities and profiles of faculty and researchers.

About Electromedical Technologies

Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Electromedical Technologies, Inc. is a commercial stage, FDA cleared, bioelectronic medical device manufacturing company initially focused on the treatment of various chronic, acute, intractable, and post-operative pain conditions. Through University collaboration agreements, the Company is working to develop a comprehensive research program in defining the effects of electro-modulation on the human body. By studying the impacts of electrical fields in cell signaling and effects on virus assembly and immune responses, the Company’s goal is to reduce pain and improve overall human wellbeing. The Company’s current FDA cleared product indications are for chronic acute post traumatic and post-operative, intractable pain relief.  For more information, please visit Nonhuman preliminary studies that we are planning to start in the near future and their applications are not related to our current product in any way and currently not cleared in the US.

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