Fernhill Corp announces the acquisition of Numuni, Inc: an ad-free marketing platform based on cryptocurrency mining, to disrupt conventional advertising models


LOS ANGELES, November 20, 2019 — – Fernhill Corporation (OTC: FERN) On the heels of announcing Interim CTO Scott Berenzweig, Fernhill is happy to announce the first key acquisition delivered by Mr. Berenzweig.

Called Numuni, it disrupts the current display advertising model by enabling the latent computing power of the masses, in a privacy-friendly way, that benefits publishers, advertisers, and consumers alike.

“We change the direction of money slightly, but significantly, to make display advertising better,” says Robert Reynolds, CEO, Numuni.  “We did it before, and we’re about to do it again. Just evolved and more effective in all the right ways.”

Mr Reynolds was a founder of CPAlead, a company that revolutionized display advertising prior to crypto, blockchain, cloud computing, or AI.  Of its many accolades, it was ranked the 40th fastest growing company in America, with a technology that became ubiquitous within the industry:  the content blocker.

CPALEAD INC Magazine’s 2011 40th Fastest Growing Company in America

Like CPAlead, Numuni will be a better way to monetize digital content, streaming platforms,  online games, and new consumer tech as it becomes mainstream.

“This is an exciting day for Fernhill,” said CEO, Marc Lasky, “It’s been hard to keep this to ourselves until we had everything right.  We knew crypto had to be a part of our future and we are glad Mr. Berenzweig delivered.  We’re glad to empower tireless innovators like the team Mr. Reynolds is assembling with Fernhill.”

Stay tuned to Fernhill. The company will be releasing steady updates about Numuni and other exciting projects. The new site is at



CONTACT: Marc Lasky


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