Fernhill Finalizes Acquisition of Super Buzz Energy Drink

Carlsbad, CA, February 5, 2020- Fernhill Beverage, Inc., (OTC PINK: FHBC) is excited to announce that the Company has formally acquired 100 % of Super Buzz Energy Drink.

As referenced in previous press releases, Super Buzz Energy Drink is a power packed Performance Beverage aimed at the coveted 15-year-old to 30 year-old demographic. The “New Age” brand is packaged in a 16oz. aluminum can featuring a Sci-Fi themed Character and a bright background demanding attention by the consumer.
Inside the very dynamic package is a juice-based blend of flavors and potent vitality ingredients such as L-Carnitine, Folic Acid, Vitamins, Ginseng and Taurine.
Currently, Super Buzz Energy Drink is being offered in an incredibly tasty Mango-Passionfruit with other versions ready for development.

Fernhill Beverage Inc. has taken possession of Super Buzz Energy Drink, its formulations and inventory.
Consideration for purchasing the brand has been concluded by utilizing a combination of cash and a modest amount of restricted stock.
Fernhill Beverage Inc. is currently arranging for immediate delivery of existing product to be transported to select distributors in order to develop a working marketing plan. Once a viable marketing plan is established with distributors and retailers, new production will be contracted to meet the oncoming demand.

Super Buzz Energy Drink will initially have a retail target price of $2.49 per 16oz. can. Retailers will be encouraged to offer the product for $2.49 for 1 can and 2 cans for $4.00.
Fernhill Beverage Inc. will be initially selling Super Buzz Energy Drink to the Company’s select distribution partners for $10.80 per 12-pack case ($0.90 per unit).
The Company is expecting to ship 5,000 12-pack cases per month for the first 3 months until new production can be completed.
Once full production is secured, Fernhill Beverage will be producing Super Buzz Energy Drink in 3 tasty flavors including a sugar free version increasing the amount of product sold to distributors exponentially.

Fernhill Beverage feels the addition of this “Super-Premium” product will not only increase the Company’s top line revenues but will also increase the Company’s bottom line profits.
“Fernhill Beverage Inc. is developing a strong portfolio of products to capture the loyalty of the youth market. RK Super Vitamin Packed Kids Drink has proven to be a great entry level product for our younger consumers. Super Buzz Energy Drink will allow the consumers to graduate to another one of our brands once they mature past RK Super”: States Larry Twombly; Fernhill Beverage’s CEO. Mr. Twombly adds; “I was involved in the development of Super Buzz Energy Drink in the beginning. Once we discovered we had a chance to acquire the brand at a reasonable price, I knew we had to act quickly. We are very excited about the acquisition. It won’t be the last. Our plan is to eventually offer retailers a full cooler worth of options to capture the youth beverage market. Our growth will be fueled by growing existing brands, acquiring current brands and developing new brands”.

Please follow the Company on Twitter @fernhillbev. The Company will be releasing updates.

Fernhill Beverage, Inc. would like to thank all The Company’s partners, vendors and shareholders for a fantastic 2019. Together, we will be entering 2020 with momentum.

Fernhill Beverage, Inc.
Twitter @fernhillbev
Phone: (760) 613-8828


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