FinanceNorth Creates Southwest Business Hub for Business Growth


Scottsdale AZ, February 22, 2021 FinanceNorth Ltd, an investment and global corporate advisory firm is pleased to announce the opening of its newest corporate location in Arizona.

Over the last decade, the greater Phoenix area has become one of the fastest growing regions in the nation. Arizona has developed some of the most attractive business friendly environments in North America. Due to the city’s proximity in the southwest United States and desirable climate, Phoenix has turned it into a top choice for many successful businesses. Specifically, aerospace, high-tech, bioscience, advanced business and sustainable technology companies have flourished. The significant influx of large corporations to Arizona has created demand for goods and services that encompass the abilities of many small to medium sized businesses.

Arizona’s explosive growth can be attributed to Its modern infrastructure that offers reliable access to the markets and its consumers. Nearly 40 million consumers can be reached within a single-day truck haul, while the Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport has the capability to access over 140 domestic and international locations. This attractive combination has allowed the greater Phoenix region to become famous for attracting world-class talent as well as promoting a highly skilled diverse workforce. Helping to provide a skilled workforce in the proximity is Arizona State University, currently one of the largest colleges in the United States.

An additional office in Arizona will allow FinanceNorth to expand its comprehensive services into the Southwestern regions of the United States. Arizona has been identified by our strategic team as a key sector to offer services and identify new local investment opportunities for the company’s private equity funds. To help build and lead the Southwest team, the company has welcomed Adam Kovacevic, a local investor with over 25 years’ experience working in finance. With extensive experience in the brokerage industry as well as experience in the public capital markets we feel his abilities will add certain value to the FinanceNorth vision.

Arizona’s rich business climate that is expansive and ever growing is the perfect climate for FinanceNorth to expand its services. With a small state government and modest taxes, Arizona can offer businesses inexpensive operational costs and access to a young talented workforce. This combination allows FinanceNorth and its partners to position itself as a leading provider of private equity investment, M&A transactions, and corporate advisory services to the area.

FinanceNorth and the Southwest team look forward in the coming months, to deliver the Arizona business community a wide range of business services, new capital and growth programs. This undertaking will allow for successful growth and expansion of local businesses into U.S as well as international markets.

Please visit our website at for more information about our company or visit our local offices at 9590 E Ironwood Square Dr, Scottsdale, AZ 85258.



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