Global Profit Technologies, Inc. Announces Issuance of its “GCU” Trademark by USPTO


Scottsdale, Arizona,– July 30th, 2019 — – Global Profit Technologies, Inc., a US publicly traded company (OTCMKTS: GLPT), announced today, that the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted and issued its trademark for GCU®, the newly released digital token – Global Currency Unit.

The trademark was issued as a Service Mark, SER. NO. 87-482,316, in International Class 36, defined as: Financial services, namely, providing a virtual currency by members of an on-line community via a global computer network; Cash management, namely facilitating and tracking transfers of electronic cash equivalents; virtual currency exchange transaction services for transferable electronic cash equivalent units having a specific cash value.

“The issuance of the GCU® trademark represents yet another milestone for GLPT, which solidifies our expansion efforts into the cryptocurrency markets. Securing the GCU® trademark, together with our new

Crypto-DAT™ automated trading platform and the new Global Profit [Crypto] Exchange, further reinforces our new global brand, and is a crucial step in establishing GLPT as a major player in the global crypto-asset marketplace”, said Joseph Nemeth, the company’s CEO and Chief Product Architect.

“Digital currencies, including various new blockchain technologies, are rapidly evolving from a wild-wild-west- type market to a legitimate commercial space with legitimate companies offering purposeful products and services with real-world values. We are proud to be one of these forward-thinking companies to stake a claim in this fast growing market and are pleased that the USPTO has recognized GCU® as a valuable intellectual property granting us the trademark protection, thereby helping us establish GCU® as a prominent name in the global world of cryptocurrencies”, added Mr. Nemeth.

The GCU® token is a digital utility token, developed by Global Profit Technologies, Inc. through the ERC-20 standard on the Ethereum blockchain. The company created the GCU® token to serve as a method of payment for GLPT’s new fully automated cryptocurrency trading A.I. (Artificial Intelligence) software, known as the Crypto-DAT™ (Dynamic Auto Trader), as well as for transaction fees on the Global Profit Exchange, both currently under final stages of development, and expected to be launched in Q4/2019.

As the cryptocurrency market has grown in maturity, GLPT has monitored the developments of brokerages, crypto-exchanges, trading systems, and of course the growing number of participants – despite the broad pullback in crypto-asset values through 2018. According to Nemeth, “The crypto market is ready for effective A.I. trade automation, and the timing for software like ours couldn’t be better. So having a digital payment system that accompanies a platform as unique as the Crypto-DAT™ makes perfect sense. Many companies issue tokens through ICOs to create a product that, at the time of the ICO, is often nothing more than an idea. We are so far beyond that, and the fact that we are not issuing the token through an ICO is a testament to our readiness. The effectiveness of our A.I. technology has already been proven through 4X-DAT® – the previous

version of our auto-trading platform, and the cryptocurrency market will further appreciate its value through the adoption of the GCU® token on the open market”.

Nemeth further noted the added importance of the Global Currency Unit (GCU®) for Global Profit Technologies, Inc., “Just as companies like Facebook and Binance look to create tokens that coincide with their own unique respective business models, we too have a unique technology creating a huge potential for massive market appeal with a digital currency that works within this unique environment or ecosystem which we have created. The strength that the added value of GCU®, as a valuable commodity in high demand, will bring to the GLPT balance sheet is equally exciting for both the management and our shareholders. The potential capital generated can not only fuel our expansions within the crypto space, but also, help us venture into and be at the forefront of other new exciting emerging technologies. We owe it to our investors and shareholders to continue our tradition of innovation, and a strong balance sheet is an invaluable asset that will help us deliver on those promises”, concluded Mr. Nemeth.


Global Profit Technologies, Inc., is a publicly traded company and developer of sophisticated, algorithmic, fully automated trading solutions, including 4X-DAT® and Crypto-DAT™, the intelligent, stand-alone, technologically advanced, yet easy-to-use software applications for automated trading in both the over-the- counter FX as well as crypto currencies markets. Both applications can simultaneously trade numerous currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, manage and monitor unlimited number of trades in various independent trading strategies, which can be individually customized. Each software provides money management either on trading cycles consisting of several trades, by closing them at a pre-determined profit as a group and by opening and closing individual trades based on prevailing market conditions with a high degree of effectiveness. It does this using automated A.I. algorithms, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for human input following the initial trading setup. For more information please visit:

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