Global Profit Technologies, Inc. Announces Release of Global Currency Unit (“GCU”)

Scottsdale, Arizona– July 8, 2019  —  – Global Profit Technologies, Inc., a US publicly traded company (OTCMKTS: GLPT), announced today that it has developed and released a new cryptocurrency, the Global Currency Unit or GCU®. GCU© is a digital utility token, built on the Ethereum blockchain platform, the primary usage of which is to serve as a method of payment for GLPT’s new fully automated cryptocurrency trading A.I. software, as well as for transaction fees on the Global Profit Exchange, both currently under final stages of development, and expected to be launched in Q4/2019.

The new fully automated crypto trading solution will be available as a sophisticated yet easy-to-use stand-alone algorithmic A.I. software and is being built as a redesign of the company’s already existing and successful foreign currency trading platform, known as 4X-DAT®. The new Crypto-DAT™ (Dynamic Auto Trader) will be available exclusively as part of the Global Profit [crypto] Exchange unique retail offering to those clients who wish to maximize their trading profits. “There is no reason why millions of crypto traders should sit in front of their computer screens 24/7 waiting for a trading opportunity, or suffer unnecessary losses during inevitable market corrections”, said Joseph Nemeth, the company’s CEO and Chief Product Architect.

“The digital currency market has quickly become one of the fastest growing markets of our time, having gained worldwide acceptance and legitimacy. Moving into crypto currencies is just a natural evolution of our existing business model. After all, given our long-term experience with automated trading, we are quite possibly the most qualified company to bring an automated crypto-trader to this new, fascinating marketplace. We expect the new Crypto-DAT™ to become the premier fully-automated trading platform in the digital currency space and fully intend on being a dominant player in this fast growing and exciting market,” added Nemeth.

“Since the company’s official release of 4X-DAT® for live foreign currency trading 4 years ago, thousands of traders around the world have downloaded the software and had an opportunity to test its effectiveness,” explains Mr. Nemeth. “Currently, our 4X-DAT® is designed to trade foreign currencies, however, it can be easily modified to trade any instruments, blockchain based digital assets being no exception. With the volatility seen in many of the crypto currencies, and the rapid expansion and mass appeal of this market, I can easily see traders dramatically increasing their success using an effective fully automated 24/7 A.I. trading technology.”

In addition to the development of the Global Profit Exchange, which is being built on the highest level hacker-proof security platform, and the new Crypto-DAT™ (which once released, will be available on a monthly and annual subscription basis), GLPT has entered into a joint venture with 01People s.r.o., one of Europe’s premier crypto asset and blockchain development companies, regarding management services and administration relating to both the auto-trading software as well as the crypto exchange. Prior to the launch of the Global Crypto Exchange, GCU® can be acquired from GLPT’s strategic partner Automata FX, Ltd.

“GLPT, together with the new GCU®, Crypto-DAT™ and the new Global Profit Exchange will not only absolutely change the way people around the world trade cryptocurrencies, but also how they invest for their future,” concluded Nemeth.


Global Profit Technologies, Inc., is a publicly traded company and developer of sophisticated, algorithmic, fully automated trading solutions, including 4X-DAT® and Crypto-DAT™, the intelligent, stand-alone, technologically advanced, yet easy-to-use software applications for automated trading in both the over-the-counter FX as well as crypto currencies markets. Both applications can simultaneously trade numerous currency pairs and cryptocurrencies, manage and monitor an unlimited number of trades in various independent trading strategies, which can be individually customized. Each software provides money management either on trading cycles consisting of several trades, by closing them at a pre-determined profit as a group, or by opening and closing individual trades based on prevailing market conditions with a high degree of effectiveness. It does this automatically, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, without the need for human input following the initial trading setup. For more information please visit:

Automata FX, Ltd., is a strategic partner of Global Profit Technologies, Inc. and a fully automated global electronic FX broker, focused on providing retail traders institutional level execution with Straight Through Processing (STP) and institutional liquidity. Automata FX offers full trade execution through its exclusive use of its fully automated trading platform, powered by GLPT’s 4X-DAT® technology. Automata FX allows traders to access the Forex markets either through its Managed Account offerings, or through Independent Trading Accounts with free downloadable trading strategies.  Additionally, Automata FX is an international GCU® (Global Currency Unit) exchange, providing GCU® exchange services to its global clients.
To learn more about Automata FX, Ltd. please visit:

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