Marion, NC, January 30, 2020 – Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC PINK: INKW) is pleased to announce that recently the Company successfully coordinated the retirement of over 225,000,000 shares of common stock. The reduction in shares brought the outstanding common share count down from 863,112,466 as last reported in the Company’s most recent quarterly report to a current 637,851,741 shares of common stock outstanding as of 1/30/2020. This reduction produces a more efficient capital structure and helps to position Greene Concepts and its investors for long-term financial growth.

Lenny Greene, CEO of Greene Concepts Inc. states, “One important item to note is, I believe that strengthening the capital structure further reflects just how undervalued Greene Concepts is in relation to our current assets and long-term growth plans – an equation I do not believe will continue to go unnoticed. Further, we are striving to put our shareholders first. By retiring as many common shares as possible, we believe that this will have a more positive impact for our shareholders in the future”.

Production launch is upon us. With the plant in full working order, the first order of labels, bottles and caps from the Company’s vendors are scheduled to be delivered to the Marion, NC production facility the second week of February. The label design process, in addition to the final artwork and color match approval process, was a very involved and coordinated effort between graphic artists and labeling design professionals along with the advanced team at the Company’s label vendor who provided label samples for test runs on the machines at the bottling factory.

Mr. Greene notes, “The labeling design and production process was by far the largest time-consuming component leading up to production. Our BE WATER product labeling emphasizes the values of the Company and the thought process toward our customers…the tenants of generosity, kindness, strength, courage and care. We are extremely pleased to be in the final countdown stages for the launch and production of BE WATER. We believe that this brand will be well received by consumers with its inspirational (mindfulness) labeling and premium product category marketing.”

Mr. Greene continues, “We appreciate the shareholders that have traveled along with us on this journey of revitalizing the North Carolina bottling plant. This is an exciting time as we launch BE WATER as our first product into the retail market. The whole team that has worked on the revitalization and relaunch of the bottling plant is to be commended for their hard work, diligence, dedication and forward-thinking acumen that will propel us for years to come. I would like to also take this time to announce the Company’s new slogan “Now is the Time to Refresh Your Spirit, Body, and Mind.” We look forward to the weeks and months ahead as we forge ahead with production and sales.”

About Greene Concepts, Inc. and Mammoth Ventures Inc.
Greene Concepts, Inc. ( is a publicly traded company. Through its recently acquired wholly owned subsidiary, Mammoth Ventures Inc., the Company has entered into the specialty beverage and bottling business and is an emerging leader in the global scientifically formulated beverage industry.
Safe Harbor: This Press Release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are based on the current plans and expectations of management and are subject to a number of uncertainties and risks that could significantly affect the company’s current plans and expectations, as well as future results of operations and financial condition. A more extensive listing of risks and factors that may affect the company’s business prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements can be found in the reports and other documents filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission and OTC Markets, Inc. OTC Disclosure and News Service. The company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.


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