Greene Concepts Finalizes First Purchase Order for the BE WATER Brand with the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians

Marion, NC – March 25, 2020 — Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC PINK: INKW) is pleased to announce it has recently signed a purchase order agreement with the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians’ Pit Stop gas station and convenience store. This purchase order agreement serves as the first sales purchase order for Greene Concepts’ BE WATERTM bottled water brand.

In collaboration with Sunflower Consulting Group (SCG), Greene Concepts recently reached an agreement with the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians, out of Mountain Center, California, to offer its’ BE WATERTM within the soon-to-open Santa Rosa Pit Stop gas station and convenience store. The station, set to open late-April of 2020, will be located 1 ½ miles east of Bull Canyon Road on the south side of the highway 74. The convenient store offers shoppers a fresh experience along with modern amenities and room for future expansion. According to the National Association of Convenience Stores, an industry advocacy group, over the past decade convenience chains have increased sales inside their stores around 30%.

The convenient store will serve as a modern travel station with plenty of amenities to benefit the local community. The convenient store will also serve the numerous commuters passing along the Santa Rosa reservation on highway SR 1-74. According to the California Department of Transportation’s 2017 traffic volumes (see here), the area near SR I-74 and SR 371 receives an average daily traffic count of 3,450 vehicles with SR I-74 and SR 111 at Palm Desert reporting an average daily traffic count of 19,300 vehicles. Multiple visitors will have the opportunity to frequent the Santa Rosa Pit Stop and receive goods and services. According to a local newspaper (Idyllwild Town Crier) in its October 22, 2019 edition, a recent feasibility study reported positive outcomes for commuters to and from the desert area along with the surrounding community.

The new Santa Rosa Pit Stop gas station embodies one of the local area expansion projects which also includes a 28,000 square foot local park, a first of its kind, on the reservation. Sales of the BE WATERTM brand along with other convenient store items assists the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indian tribe with an additional revenue stream to allow the tribe to expand its assistance to tribal members to include infrastructure expenses, basic housing and educational needs for tribal members on and off the reservation.

The Santa Rosa Pit Stop manager Ray Suarez notes, “Ours is the first store in the country to carry the BE WATERTM brand. We are proud to ‘Be First’ in this operational venture and look forward to sharing a wonderful product with not only the citizens of the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians but also to all of the visitors who frequent our convenience store to enjoy a refreshing product that is both unique and of great quality.

A collective quote from the tribal board conveys, “We have deep roots in our environment and great respect for the forces of nature that surround us. Water is one of the world’s greatest forces and we are proud to see that Greene Concepts has not only turned this great force into an essence of purity but that they have offered a name to the product that enhances man’s inner soul, “BE WATERTM”. Be Generous, Be Kind, Be Strong, Be Courageous, Be Caring, Be Yourself….those traits described on the BE WATERTM label are a strong reminder to find that inner joy toward spiritual transformation. We are proud to take this next step with a company that cares so much about our way of life and intent on capturing a piece of our native spirit within its daily operations and strategic plans morally, ethically and operationally.”

Lenny Greene, CEO of Greene Concepts Inc. states, “We are extremely happy to announce that the first sales of our BE WATERTM brand is with the Santa Rosa Cahuilla Indian tribe. They embody the traits of our BE WATERTM product, Be Strong, Be Generous, Be Caring, Be Courageous. The tribal board leaders of the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians embody these traits through the work of successful alliances, a focus on sustainable housing and infrastructure for tribal members, economic development, charitable works, the support of its youth, tribal health, tribal longevity and tribal wellness.”

Mr. Greene continues, “The strength of the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians is second-to-none and an inspiration for us all. It is truly an honor to have our BE WATERTM brand associated within a community of such positive influence politically, economically and environmentally. I am particularly glad to see the community focused on environmental health to include the preservation of natural resources and the local support of Earth Day. My hope is to continue to expand the partnership between Greene Concepts and the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians in support of sustainable positive change, increased recognition of the wonderful people of the Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians to include the tribe’s customs and traditions, and also the continued recognition and growth of our BE WATERTM brand across the southwest United States.”

About Santa Rosa Band of Cahuilla Indians

The Santa Rosa Indian Reservation is in Riverside County, between Palm Springs and Anza, and occupies 11,021 acres of land. The Reservation is composed of four non-contiguous parcels; the largest being in the area of Sew’ia, or New Santa Rosa (Vandeventer Flat) where residents of the Reservation reside. The three remaining parcels, which include Toro Peak where the Tribe operates a telecommunications relay station, are located east of the main parcel. Elevation ranges from 4,200’ elevation at Sew’ia (Cahuilla name for “New” Santa Rosa) to 8,700’ elevation at Toro Peak. Currently, there are 139 recognized Tribal Members (18 and over). Approximately 70 individuals live on the Reservation. The General Council (which consists of adult members 18 years of age and older) elects a Tribal Council for two-year terms. The Tribal Council consists of a Chair, Vice-Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and three Council members. The people of Sew’ia are one of eight Cahuilla Bands which include Cahuilla, Ramona, Los Coyotes, Torres-Martinez, Augustine, Cabazon, Agua Caliente, and Morongo. The Santa Rosa Reservation was established on February 2, 1907, under authority of the Act of 1891 as amended. The Act of April 17, 1937 authorized the Secretary of Interior to purchase 640 acres to be held in trust for the Tribe. All reservation land is tribally owned and un-allotted, though some of the land is under assignment and has been passed from generation to generation.

About Sunflower Consulting Group

Sunflower Consulting Group (SCG), founded by Harold Wingert, specializes in all aspects of convenience store operations: consulting, store design, operational set up and ramp up, controls, inventory, and vendor contracts. Since 1985, when Mr. Wingert bought his first store, he has been engaged in the industry in some fashion, including operations, consulting, construction, and design. Over the last 34 years he has owned and operated 8 stores, successfully sold them, and has been consulting for the past decade. SCG has the team in place to provide the level of support you desire, from concept design, through opening the store, and establishing policy and procedures. SCG will work with vendors to achieve optimal sales and manage vendor contracts to take advantage of rebates or other incentives, which will result in more profits for ownership. SCG will assist ownership in hiring and training employees, continuing education, benefits package for management, and will assist in developing an employee manual. Sunflower Consulting Group looks forward to working with you to bring your concept to reality.

About Greene Concepts, Inc. and Mammoth Ventures Inc.

Greene Concepts, Inc. ( is a publicly traded company. Through its recently acquired wholly owned subsidiary, Mammoth Ventures Inc., the Company has entered the specialty beverage and bottling business and is an emerging leader in the global scientifically formulated beverage industry.

Safe Harbor: This Press Release contains forward-looking statements within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. These forward-looking statements are based on the current plans and expectations of management and are subject to a number of uncertainties and risks that could significantly affect the company’s current plans and expectations, as well as future results of operations and financial condition. A more extensive listing of risks and factors that may affect the company’s business prospects and cause actual results to differ materially from those described in the forward-looking statements can be found in the reports and other documents filed by the company with the Securities and Exchange Commission and OTC Markets, Inc. OTC Disclosure and News Service. The company undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise.

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