Boston MA, June 11, 2020: Human Unitec International Inc., (OTC PINK: HMNU) (HMNU) (The Company), is an International Project Financing, Development, and Asset Management Corporation focused on medical and wellness projects, renewable and recycle, alternative energy.


In June 2016, the Company acquired the renewable energy intellectual property for the GRONE. The Grone is a versatile waste sorting center that acts not only as a recycling center, but also a power plant aimed at eliminating the need for landfills. The modern landfill is a gross use of space and increasingly becoming a threat to the environment. The primary purpose of the Grone is to sort Municipal Solid Waste (metals, glass, plastic, textiles, paper, and bulky waste). The Grone separates each resource and allocates it to the proper recycling zone through an assembly line consisting of a 4-stage process. The waste is then used as fuel to maintain its perpetual power system. The power generated from the system can be used to power water desalination plants that offer fresh water to the respective community and revenue to the entities. Since 2016, the Company has been working with Health Target in completing the GRONE technology for commercial deployment.

On June 11, 2020, the Company has signed a Binding Purchase Agreement with Palladium Investments SA, of Lugano, Switzerland to build the first GRONE plant in Saudi Arabia.

The agreement provides for Palladium Investments SA to pay the Company a total of Forty Million Eight Hundred Thousand Dollars ($40,800,000) to be paid based on the scheduled milestones of the construction project. The initial payment of Eleven Million Three-Hundred Fifty Thousand Dollars, ($11,350,000), shall be paid to the Company through an escrow account managed by the the law offices of Walter Zandrini Avocat in Lugano, Switzerland. The remaining Twenty-Six Million Euro is paid based on construction milestones and the remaining payment on or before the completion date, January 1, 2021.

The Company is negotiating an offer for the construction of the GRONE with CONSORZIO LEUKOS, Leukos of Milan Italy, is a mixed stable consortium or construction, engineering, and services consortium, founded in 2016.

The President, Fabrizio Bosticco announced that after four years of development and enhancement of the technology group the construction of the Grone plants are now reality. “We look forward to this new partnership to complete the first of the six GRONE facilities and are negotiating with other international partners for additional sales.”

About HMNU:

HUMAN UNITEC INTERNATIONAL, INC. (HMNU) is a project finance, development, and asset management corporation, focused on medical and green energy projects, trading on Nasdaq OTC since 2009.HMNU owns and controls 100% of the assets and intellectual property acquired from MSK KINESIS CORP. (medical and wellness devices, exclusive commercial license for Life science natural wellness products). 100% ENERGY SELCO SRL (Owner of large Romanian wind energy real estate assets with licenses and permits to build and operate up to 73 GW of wind energy).100% GRONE Technology (Intellectual Rights to waste management technologies). ECOSMART Technology (revolutionary device for carbon emission reduction. The device is able to reclassify Euro1 and Euro 2 vehicles into Euro 4 and Euro 5 class vehicles and reduce consumption of gas and diesel). Land in Tocco di Casauria (PS) with rural real estate, classified to obtain permits and licenses to build 3GW of wind energy. Since 2017 HMNU has been supporting the MSK Kinesis Foundation operating with ESANGO, at the UN in New York for the health human rights of abused women. The foundation counts two missions in Congo and Liberia where almost 950 people have been assisted with MSK Kinesis medical equipment.

About Palladium:

Palladium is a wholly owned subsidiary of GROUP ILDA AG. ILDA is an global holding company specializing in construction and management of recycling plants, green energy, agricultural, petroleum and energy consumer goods.

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