Orlando, FL — August 20, 2019  — — On May 6th 2019, HuLogix, Inc a Florida company, became a wholly owned subsidiary of Indo Global Exchange(s) PTE LTD (OTC: IGEX)

On August 16th Martina Leon was appointed CEO of IGEX. Now is the right time for a leadership change and Martina is the right person to guide IGEX/HuLogix through the coming era.

Martina has 27 years in the medical management field with 15 years in clinical trials.  Martina has taken previous business from $450k revenue to over $1.3mm in less than a year.  With her clinical trial experience, she has written protocols for current and incoming companion animal trials.

Ms .Leon has worked closely with James Hughes, DVM for over 8 years, and in such time they have developed several companion animal drugs, as well as companion animal procedures that are initiated  and/or preparing for patent stage.

Dr. Jim was quoted, “I’m extremely excited for Hulogix/IGEX, Ms. Leon is an amazing CEO and is eager to open up HuLogix/IGEX to new and innovative avenues for research and development.”

Ms. Leon quoted, “This is a great opportunity for everyone.  HuLogix is a bio pharmeucitical company for companion animal medicine and we growing by the day.  I am eager, enthusiastic, and elated to be working with such a great team to improve the companion animal field.  I’m looking forward to everyone taking this journey of growth with us.”

We thank Mr. Black for all his efforts as previous CEO of IGEX.

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