Image Protect Readies Launch of Powerful Analytics Dashboard for Fotofy Platform

SAN CLEMENTE, CA, August 29, 2019 — — Image Protect Inc. (OTC: IMTL) ( (“Image Protect”, “IMTL”, or the “Company”), a global leader in the end-to-end copyright infringement sector, is excited to announce the upcoming launch of the Fotofy Dashboard, a state-of-the-art interface allowing Image Rightsholders to easily upload and embed new images and subject them to detailed analytics to maximize utility and future monetization potential.

The Company expects to launch the Fotofy Dashboard for all users by September 15, 2019.

“The Dashboard launch is where this project really takes off,” commented Matthew Goldman, CEO of Image Protect. “This is the ‘killer app’ of the Fotofy ecosystem. It should glue all of this amazing functionality together in a truly intuitive way for users on the platform, allowing the user experience to mesh into the promise of the deeper opportunity for monetization, both for Image Protect shareholders and for our valued Image Rightsholders.”

Management notes that the Fotofy Dashboard provides functional access to Deep Data tracking and analytics for all images embedded on the Fotofy platform. This deeper level of data science creates the foundation for the Company’s in-image ad strategy to become fully active.

The Fotofy Dashboard is a virtual tool capable of tracking, in real time, the path of an image in its journey across the internet in all of its manifestations. This is all based on the “Deep Data” layer built into the platform, which facilitates the management of in-image ad campaigns deployed on an image’s internet footprint – the virtual real estate carved out by the image’s placement across all websites and social media threads.

Management believes no other image sharing platform offers such depth and breadth of image management for image creators and photographers. The Fotofy Dashboard will include the following highlights:

  • Number of Images uploaded
  • Number of Images Embedded
  • Number of views and Impressions
  • Number of URLs with Embedded Images
  • Number of Images Mouse or Scroll over (hovering)
  • Number of Images Click-through
  • Number of Shares of the Image

According to a recent article published in Innovation Enterprise, “deep data” pairs massive data excavation with rich analytic expertise: “We’re talking exabytes or petabytes of data — much more than what could fit on a standard computer or external storage drive. Deep data pares down that massive amount of information into useful sections, excluding information that might be redundant or otherwise unusable.”

“We’re excited about finally mobilizing our Deep Data capabilities in the image space,” continued Mr. Goldman. “So far, the Fotofy launch has hit every target. But the fun is only just beginning. We anticipate our model to be copied at some point because it will likely be seen as a first-mover with inherent advantages in this niche. We are focused right now on making sure we acquire enough organic traction to lock up market share for years to come. The Dashboard is a big part of that plan.”

About Image Protect

Image Protect protects and monetizes creative works. By uniting technology with a team of copyright experts, we ensure that content providers preserve the value of their digital assets. Our web application monitors the global Internet to seek and collect evidence for illegally used visual content. Then our legal partners across North America, Europe, and Asia ensure our clients receive appropriate compensation for work used without valid license.

Safe Harbor Provision

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