InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCQB: INND) To Launch 100 Hearing Screening Kiosks to BENZER PHARMACY in 100 Locations

InnerScope received from BONUM HEALTH a signed LOI requesting 100 Hearing Screening Kiosks to be located in BENZER PHARMACY locations throughout their network of independent and corporate-owned retail pharmacies

ROSEVILLE, CA. — August 19, 2019  — — InnerScope Hearing Technologies Inc. (OTCQB: INND) (“InnerScope”) a manufacturer and Direct-to-Consumer (“DTC”) distributor/retailer of FDA-Registered Hearing Aids, Personal Sound Amplifiers Products, (“Hearing Products”) Hearing Related Treatment Therapies, Doctor-Formulated Dietary Hearing Supplements and proprietary CBD Oil (“Hearing Health Products”) (collectively “Hearing Product Portfolio”), has received from BONUM HEALTH, a sister company of BENZER PHARMACY a signed Letter of Intent (“LOI”)  requesting 100 Hearing Screening Kiosks (“Hearing Kiosks”) for its independent and corporate-owned retail pharmacies located throughout the United States. InnerScope’s unattended Hearing Kiosks provides the public FREE, EASY & CONVENIENT access to a quick 2-minute self-administered hearing-screening test as well as bringing awareness to the multiple health and cognitive issues caused by living with untreated hearing loss.

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InnerScope is currently ramping up its production of its Hearing Kiosks and intends to start deployment to BENZER PHARMACY in the coming weeks. InnerScope also expects overwhelming positive response from the public, especially since there is nothing like its’ Hearing Kiosk in the marketplace at this time. Given the success and popularity of 56+ million people that have currently used Higi Stations (the nation’s largest network of smart health stations with 10,000+ health stations nationwide, located inside most major retailers) to conduct more than 322 million biometric self-administered tests, InnerScope believes its’ Hearing Kiosks will be just as popular and more importantly, bring much needed awareness to untreated hearing loss and maintaining better hearing health.

InnerScope believes given all of the interest that it has received from all over the country, as well as internationally for its Hearing Kiosks, combined with the current trend of bringing healthcare into retail marketplaces by creating so-called “Health Hubs”  (the public to conveniently receive a variety of health related services in one place) its Hearing Kiosks will be the considered the cornerstone inside these Health Hubs for Hearing and Hearing Healthcare.  These Health Hubs are currently starting to pop-up in major retailers like, Walgreens and CVS Pharmacy.

Approximately 50 million Americans that have reported having some form of hearing loss and/or hearing issues, but only approximately 7 to 8 million of those Americans have sought out a hearing care professional for hearing help solutions. Which means, 42+ million Americans are living with untreated hearing loss and are at high risk of developing multiple health and cognitive issues (the “Underserved Market”). InnerScope believes the Underserved Market is mainly due to the general public not having FREE, EASY & CONVENIENT access to self-check their hearing. Additionally, the public needs to be aware of the risk and consequences associated from living with untreated hearing loss.  The Hearing Kiosks will provide hearing screening test results and also give the user crucial hearing health information. InnerScope also believes the Hearing Kiosks will allow the Underserved Market to regularly check and track their hearing at any time so they can make an informed decision based on their hearing needs to maintain better hearing health.

“We could not be happier and more excited for BENZER PHARMACY to have requested InnerScope’s Hearing Kiosks to be located in 100 of its pharmacy locations,” said Matthew Moore, CEO of InnerScope Hearing Technologies. “We believe the Hearing Screening Kiosks, will give BENZER PHARMACY patients/customers as well as the general public in all of the local communities around each location the ability to achieve and maintain better hearing health. We currently are ramping up production and preparing for hundreds of more locations with other retailers in the coming weeks and months.”

“We knew when we developed the Hearing Kiosk it filled a major void in the marketplace by providing the public FREE, EASY, and CONVIENENT access to self check their hearing. This void has caused the hearing industry not only to not to grow, (currently a $5 billion dollar U.S market with only serving the 7 to 8 million Americans) but in fact, caused a huge Underserved Market gap estimated at 42+ million people, to live with the health and cognitive consequences of untreated hearing loss. Our expectations are InnerScope will close this Underserved Market gap by locating its Hearing Kiosks throughout the country and thereby shifting the public decision to choose not to live with untreated hearing loss and thus drive the Underserved Market to seek hearing help solutions, preferably InnerScope’s Hearing and Hearing Healthcare Related Products,” concluded Mr. Moore.

About InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCQB: INND)

InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCQB: INND) is a rapidly expanding consolidator of the hearing aid industry. Management is applying decades of profitable industry experience and technology to an antiquated and disjointed industry, unlocking scale and efficiency, which will serve all of InnerScope’s stakeholders. Its direct-to-consumer model is revolutionizing the industry with its,Sears.comand Kmart.comrelationship representing a paramount shift in the consumption of hearing aids by the hearing impaired.

In addition, InnerScope plans to continue to open, acquire, and operate a physical chain of clinicsaid audiological and retail hearing . InnerScope’s mission is to serve approximately 1.2 billion people around the globe that are suffering with 25db or greater hearing loss across the entire hearing impaired vertical from R&D and manufacturing through direct consumer sales and services. For more information, please visit: For the Most Up-to-Date information about InnerScope Hearing Technologies (OTCQB: INND), please visit and follow our Official Twitter account @inndstock Page.

About Benzer Pharmacy

Founded in 2009, Benzer Pharmacy is a chain of independent retail pharmacies specializing in compounding and specialty medication. Currently, there are 82 corporate-owned and 34 franchise locations situated throughout 29 states, including Florida, Michigan, Virginia, West Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, Texas, Georgia, Nevada, Louisiana, New York, Missouri, Mississippi, Maryland, Ohio, Indiana, and Idaho. Projections call for continued rapid growth as the organization seeks to substantially increase its customer base, while ensuring experiences match expectations at every touch point. For more information, please visit:


About Bonum Health

Bonum Health is a Telehealth provider that gives its members access to licensed medical doctors 24/7/365 via phone call or video call. Bonum health is powered by MDLive which is HIPAA and PHI-compliant cloud-based platform that allows registered users to receive a virtual consultation through secure online video, phone, or the MDLIVE app, all for a price below most co-pays. . For more information, please visit: or



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