Joshua Gold Resources Inc. Announces Assay results on Joe Anne Property

WOODSTOCK, ONTARIO, July 8, 2021 – McapMediaWire –  Joshua Gold Resources Inc. (“JSHG” or “Joshua”) (OTC Pink: JSHG) a mineral exploration company headquartered in Canada, is pleased to announce that it has received grab sample assay results at its 100% owned ‘Joe-Anne Property’ located in Benoit Township in Northern Ontario.

The Joe-Anne property is approximately 50 miles (80 kilometers) southeast of Timmins, ON.  It consists of about 42 acres and has an old adit (see picture below) where previous prospectors have conducted sampling.  Geologically, the area around Benoit Township lies between the Larder Lake and Destor-Porcupine Faults. This area of Abitibi volcanics extends from Timmins, Ontario to Chibougamau, Quebec. The area was mapped by H. L. Lovell in 1965 and appears to be composed of metavolcanic rocks that are tholeitic in appearance, and part of the Knojevis Group.

The property has yielded gold values over 13 grams per ton in grab samples from previous prospectors.  In late May 2021, JSHG took two samples from the property from the ‘muck pile’ outside the adit (see below).

Two samples were tested: one sample contained 1.5 grams of Gold (Au) per ton, the other sample tested 1.86 grams of Gold per ton.

Ben Fuschino, CEO of JSHG, reports, “These are just grab samples, but it does further illustrate the presence of anomalous gold on the property.  I have instructed JSHG geological team to apply for the appropriate permits so we can further explore the property and the 100-year-old adit through excavation followed by drilling”

Ben further expounds, “The old prospectors over 100 years ago would have had to go through a lot of effort with picks and shovels to build, sample, and possibly mine the large adit.  I would be surprised if they made the adit just for recreational purposes”.

For more information on the Joe-Anne property, kindly see this report:

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