JZZ Tech signs LOI with Pai-Tech Artificial Intelligence, Inc.

Calverton, New York–March 10, 2020 – JZZ Technologies Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) today confirmed that it has signed a Letter of Intent with PAI-TECH Artificial Intelligence, Inc. a Nevada Corporation to acquire all rights, title, license, patents and intellectual property for the MARK Intelligent Marketing BOT based on PAI’s Bot Operating System Standard (PAI-BOSS).

PAI-TECH’s vision is to be the leading bot operating system and to pave the way for future technologies to advance by leveraging PAI-TECH’s platform and through the implementation of distributed intelligent bots.

Charles Cardona, JZZ Tech Chief Executive Officer, commented: “We are excited about this MARK BOT acquisition with PAI-TECH. Recently, marketing bots have become a popular form of automation. A bot is basically software that you can program to carry out a certain set of actions all on its own. It’s like a wind-up toy. You build it to do what you want it to, then you wind it up and let it perform the actions all by itself. PAI-TECH’S technology is a true quantum leap forward for businesses to operate far more efficiently and securely than ever before.”

Tamir Fridman, PAI-TECH’s Chief Executive Officer, commented: “The US is a market of mammoth proportions and there is no question that PAI-TECH’s MARK BOT can produce huge gains for major enterprises, as well as governments worldwide. This is why we are so confident that our partnership with JZZ Tech will generate amazing results.”

PAI-TECH makes computers smarter through the power of intelligent bots and is revolutionizing computer software with the development of the world’s first Bot Operating System Standard (B.O.S.S.). PAI-BOSS provides a distributed operating system powered by PAI-BOTS that run advanced AI algorithms and offer real-time, autonomous and distributed solutions. The company has developed a portfolio of Intellectual Property and has filed several patents to the USPTO.

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JZZ Technology is building a valuable audience, content and news desk capability by rolling up and consolidation struggling traditional media properties and incorporating coordinated digital pathways to increased revenues as well as leveraging the hyper local targeting abilities they possess. Combining this strategy with the technological implementation of Artificial Intelligence (AI) Blockchain technology and Intelligent Bots, we will assemble through strategic acquisitions a highly profitable business which will attract small to medium sized M&A suitors.
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