JZZ Technologies, Inc. Announces the Launch of its All New website Geared to Those 55+


The new Active Lifestyle website is designed give active persons 55+ easy access to a wide range of information, products and services geared to their unique interests and changing needs


Calverton, New York, March 11, 2021 – — Media and marketing company JZZ Technologies, Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) has launched the next generation of its website as part of the company’s strategy aimed at expanding its reach and increasing engagement with audiences age 55+.



The Active Lifestyle website has been totally redesigned and reimagined as a content-rich information source for active persons in the 55+ age group. The interests and needs of this group are broad and change as they constantly look for ways to improve their quality of life. The new website has been totally revamped to address their concerns in an easy-to-read, magazine format complimented by direct access to products and services– many with exclusive discounts or access for those 55+.

“Today the 55+ audience is active and vibrant with interests across a broad spectrum”, states Charles Cardona, CEO of JZZ Technologies, Inc. “This is a massive and growing segment of the population that is highly engaged. We plan to serve our subscribers with meaningful content that contributes to their daily experiences and truly enhances their lifestyle.”


Cardona adds, “The new website is a strategic piece in the company’s efforts to bring together the many resources we are rolling up, from print and online publications, to exclusive video content, service offerings and provider partners. The website is our flagship, and we expect to continue to build the highest quality experience online in order to become a leading media provider.”

Some of the highlights of the new website include sections devoted to financial security, health and well-being, food and diet, travel insights, insurance planning, pet care, retirement planning, and exclusive discount opportunities for subscribers.

Through its proprietary provider partnership, JZZ Technologies is developing email direct marketing directed at an existing database of 35 million recipients in the 55+ interest category. This database is a significant resource that the Company will use to market the new website, individual product offerings and its newsletters.

The combination of a well-conceived web portal marketed to a large established database will form a critical part of ActiveLifeStyleMedia’s product offering. The data developed from the engagement and ongoing interactions will provide with the Company with some of the deepest and richest analytical information available on this lucrative consumer category.

The website offers publications and newsletters through its no cost subscription available to anyone age 55+ without obligation.

About JZZ Technologies Inc.

JZZ Technologies, Inc., through its brand Active Lifestyle Media, publishes online, print and video content targeting over 20 million individuals the high value 55+ marketplace. This demographic group accounts for more than 75% of the wealth in America and is one of the most sought-after segments for marketing. The 55+ age group is also one of the fastest growing segments of online users. In addition to consumers, Active Lifestyle Media targets U.S. based physicians with current medical content through its medical newsletter and online content/podcasts.

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JZZ Technologies, Inc.

Charles Cardona, CEO


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