JZZ Technologies, Inc. Kicks Off Revenue Generation Through Its New Website


Working with its development partner EverConvert, JZZ Technologies, Inc. has launched its completely reimagined website geared to revenue generation and high impact digital marketing for its target audience age 55+


Palm Beach, Florida, Sept. 21, 2021 — McapMediaWire — After several months working with its digital media development partner EverConvert, JZZ Technologies Inc. (OTC Pink: JZZI) has launched its completely redesigned and reconceived website targeting audiences age 55+ at The new site is built around increased audience engagement and generating direct revenue through digital marketing and e-commerce opportunities.



Charles Cardona, CEO of JZZ Technologies, Inc., explains, “The new website developed with EverConvert is a showcase of our Company’s capabilities and a centerpiece for our online marketing efforts. We have invested significant time, effort, and money into creating this flagship of our digital marketing hub. We are genuinely excited to see the reaction of our audience and anticipate major increases in new traffic, better engagement, and significant repeat users because of these efforts.”

EverConvert is a leading digital marketing company based in South Carolina. For several months, the firm has been working with JZZ Technologies, Inc.’s marketing division to create a leading-edge website product streamlined for mobile traffic and conceived as a hub for service offerings, digital marketing, and e-commerce channels. EverConvert has an impeccable record for delivering returns for their clients as high as a 20 times monthly return on digital investment.

Cardona adds, “We recognize that this is all in service of growing our marketing and e-commerce revenues. The data that we have received from leading marketing and data agencies indicates that we will be able to generate from 14% to 24% margins on our digital marketing offerings (source: Promethean Research). In cases where we can participate in co-branding or direct online sale of products as partners, that could be much, much higher since we could earn revenue as part of every sale through our site.”

The direct marketing opportunities already in place include health, wellness, and nutritional products. For example, the site features a direct marketing program for Avitas Bio Raw Honey– a JZZ Technologies Inc. co-promotion. The company uses innovative marketing techniques developed in tandem with EverConvert to drive direct sales and revenues. These include marketing to the Company’s database, as well as paid advertising and promotional offers. The public can sample the direct e-commerce offer by clicking the link rawhoney and entering the promotional code LifestyleMedia21 to receive an additional 20% off their order.

JZZ Technologies, Inc.’s digital marketing applications are being implemented for subscriptions, products, and discounts across the website. For more information about offers, promotions discounts and to preview the Company’s new marketing efforts, see

About JZZ Technologies, Inc.

JZZ Technologies, Inc. is a diversified technology company rolling up projects and partnerships in two distinct business sectors that operate cohesively; its digital media business includes online media and apps (, content creation, digital marketing, streaming video content, publishing, and free over-the-air television (EyeOnTV) targeted at active adults 55+. The Company’s other business is focused on strategic biotechnology and bioscience acquisitions related to Human Life Extension and Human Longevity that can be immediately leveraged to support improved quality of life for aging populations.


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