KALY – Kali-Extracts Expects 2020 Revenue Growth Acceleration From CBD Infused Consumer Products


Dallas, TX – December 11, 2019  — — Kali-Extracts, Inc. (Kali, Inc. dba/Kali-Extracts, Inc.) (OTC Pink: KALY) (“KALY”) today announced expected revenue growth acceleration in 2020 from the sales of CBD infused consumer products.  The company currently generates revenue from the sale of CBD infused candies and beverages.  KALY produces and sells Hemp4mula chewing gum and gummies available on and it has licensed its patented cannabis extraction process for the production of CBD infused beverages.  KALY has recently announced a restructuring of its cannabis biopharmaceutical business as part of a strategy to facilitate a strategic investment at a $50 million valuation.  The restructuring is also anticipated to facilitate increased investment and operational focus benefiting KALY’s consumer products business from which management expects to see accelerated revenue growth in 2020.  KALY management believes the company may realize its first $1 million in annual sales by year end 2019, and that the current restructuring can accelerate sales form CBD infused consumer products next year.  Accelerated growth is anticipated from a distribution network expansion and the introduction of new CBD infused consumer products.

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