MDM Permian, Inc. Lindley A–Lease Well Reserve Estimates


Carrollton, Texas, March 23, 2021 – – MDM Permian Inc. (OTC Pink: MDMP) today has announced the results of the Lindley A lease wells Advanced Reservoir Characterization, Irion County, Texas.


“As stated in the MDM Permian Business Plan, we will be building value in the ground as well as providing cash flow from production.” says Michael Rafael, President and CEO. “We lost a year to COVID shutdowns and are now on track to make up for that lost time.” MDM is focused on the development of vertical wells and proving overlooked reserves left in the ground.

This month the company released the results of the NuTech Energy Alliance Advanced Reservoir Characterization. “The results are encouraging, and the following is the breakdown of the A-Lease wells by zone. The Canyon Sands have been plugged and are not a consideration for future production from these 3 wells.” The company’s Lindley leasehold, in total is 1680 acres and the estimates are based on the 40-acre locations assigned to each well per the Texas Railroad Commission spacing regulations.

San Angelo Sands

Well Name                                          Depth                                    OIP on 40-acre location.                

A-1                                                         1852-1903                                           380,563 BO                        

A-2                                                         1855-1917                                           371,313 BO

A-3                                                         1850-1886                                           537,625 BO

Total OIP (OIP indicates Oil in Place).                                                              1,289,501 BO         

Historical Primary Recovery Factor 25%                                                         322,375 BO

Clearfork Sands

A-1                                                         3856-3880                                           410,375 BO

A-2                                                         3836-3861                                           252,875 BO

A-3                                                         3070-3084                                           165,063 BO

Total OIP                                                                                                           828,313 BO

Historical Primary Recovery Factor 27%                                                    223,644 BO

These estimates indicate recoverable primary production from the 3 wells could be as much as 546,019 BO. from the combined zones. Secondary recovery, such as water flooding, could significantly enhance the ultimate recovery from these wells. “

These are significant numbers with $60. oil and expectations for higher prices this year. We plan on taking full advantage of this scenario for the benefit of the company and its shareholders.” Says Mr. Rafael.

Completion work on these wells is currently in progress and the company expects production results to be available within the next 60 – 90 days. As Mr. Rafael states, “since the wells are vertical, operating expenses are expected to be less than $10. per barrel, depending on associated produced water disposal.” Additional reserve information will be available upon completion of the analysis of the full lease acreage and ultimately, conversion to a financial asset.

Mr. Rafael also added that the company is continuing to acquire leases and wells in its area of interest, covering approximately 25 square miles of the southern Midland Basin. “We are excited and encouraged with the results from these old Canyon Sand workovers. Especially when you can recover 150,000 to 200,000 barrels per well! We are ready to aggressively proceed with acquiring more acreage, Canyon wells for re-entry, and permitting new vertical drilling.”

About MDM Permian, Inc.:

Based in Carrolton, Texas, MDM Permian, Inc. is a publicly traded energy company with interests in oil and natural gas wells, mineral prospects. The Company’s business plan includes building value through reserves and production in the Permian Basin of Texas. MDM Energy, Inc. (the wholly owned operating subsidiary of MDM Permian, Inc.), has been actively involved in the oil and gas industry since 1981 with offices located in Carrolton, Texas.

Michael Rafael has 40 years of experience in the oil and gas industry, serving as founder, President and Chief Executive Officer of MDM Energy, Inc.(“MDM”).

Mr. Rafael has been directly involved in the drilling, completion, and operation of over 300 oil and gas projects, primarily in the Illinois Basin, and directly supervises and oversees field operations. Mr. Rafael works directly with contract geologists, petroleum engineers and geophysicists from start to finish.

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