MobiCard Is the Answer to Coronavirus Networking Fears

Cambridge, MA-March 17, 2020 –MobiCard Inc. aka Peer to Peer Network (OTC Pink: PTOP); As the Coronavirus has spread around the globe, from China to American cities, it has been dominating the news, and affected everything in our lives, from the floors of the stock exchanges, from the hallways of government, to main street restaurants and bars, to the laboratories where companies are racing to develop vaccines. When events threaten to disrupt business, markets, and everyday life, various companies are developing solutions to navigate them. MobiCard has the perfect product as a solution to the new stay at home economy.

MobiCard is a digital business card, not a paper business card. With the virus being spread through physical contact and people gathering at certain places like networking events or conferences, MobiCard is a much safer and healthier way to transact business, all of the time. The best thing about MobiCard is that with the Coronavirus, or any other type of virus in the future, the MobiCard brand should benefit the end users significantly by limiting the unnecessary need to be in the proximity of another person and have to physically interact with them. MobiCard’s technology platform when completed will allow people to share their digital business card via email, text, or social media. If you had a MobCard right now, you could share YOUR card with anyone, and you would never have to shake hands or exchange anything in person. The digital age is fast approaching and as Coronavirus sweeps the nation MobiCard will help the public adapt, and evolve so that business can continue to be conducted. Sharing a digital business card is a lot safer than handing someone a physical card.

MobiCard is a viable solution for business people to stay safe from the virus. Since the CDC notes that 80% of transmission occurs from physical contact and only 20% is air born MobiCard encourages everyone to sign up now for a MobiCard and we will allow them to sign up as a user for free. MobiCard plans to reach out to enterprise companies that have given notice to their employees to stay home and offer them a solution. Any company could sign up for a MobiCard enterprise account and with an employee email list could generate 100’s, 1000’s or even 1 million cards automatically in our enterprise Administrators dash board which would then send emails to everyone of those employees for them to customize their cards so that the employees can continue to be productive from home.
Never has there been a better time for MobiCard to serve the public and help companies and business people to evolve, and adapt to the digital age. Keeping people safe while bringing a new digital solution to business is a fundamental component to the MobiCard core product.

MobiCard has been in contact with our technology partners and has stressed that the Beta test needs to launch ASAP.

MobiCard could start to acquire users from day one of the beta launch and in the next month MobiCard could literally transform an industry from paper into digital business cards and help aid the safety of the global community.

MobiCard’s technology partners have informed us that the Apple audit flagged a payment feature that allowed a premium monthly subscriber to sign up and pay for, a version of the card that would not have any advertisements on the card whatsoever. Apple has made it clear that this feature is only allowed if processed through the Apple payment system, as Apple takes 30% and they do not want any work arounds in the code. The Technology team is implementing Apple Authentication. Before resubmitting the Apple app, it must go through a new round of Quality and Assurance testing of every feature to make sure that the change to the code does not have any ripple effects and effect other parts of the app. The Apple Authentication fix should be done soon, and MobiCard is excited to have this issue addressed, changed, and completed very soon.

There will be a conference call this Thursday March the 19th at 6:30pm Eastern time to address the strategic plan to get the financials completed with cost estimates and time frame discussions. The conference call will also have a question and answer section as well.

Joshua Sodaitis Chairman and CEO concluded “Now more than ever, there is a need for our new MobiCard platform, Coronavirus is scary, but MobiCard should benefit the public tremendously in allowing businesses to continue generating new business prospects and know; who to follow up with, and when. It is in my opinion extremely valuable for shareholders if we have the financials completed by the time we launch the enterprise apps and we are entering the customer acquisition phase. I am committed to that goal and will elaborate on the shareholders call this Thursday.”

If you would like to sign up for the MobiCard Shareholder conference call send an email to and include weather you are an accredited investor, along with your phone number.

If you would like to sign up for our MobiCard platform please subscribe on our website for free right now at

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Joshua Sodaitis, Chairman & CEO
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