Mobicard Rebrands with New Logo and the Official Release of New Social Media Pages Delivers a Technology Clarification Update (OTC: PTOP)





Cambridge, MA—November 5, 2019 — — MobiCard Inc. aka (Peer to Peer Network) (OTC: PTOP) (Cambridge) Is proud to announce it has finalized its rebranding efforts across all brand new Social Media verticals. The new Logo that will eventually appear in the Apple and GooglePlayStore has been finalized and is featured here.

This will be the icon to signify and represent the apps when released.

Mobicard has created the new Logo to in order to help perpetuate its fresh start with a recognizable brand imaging that will be able to stand out as the premier mobile business card brand and differentiate the company above its competitors.

You can add us as a friend on Facebook @MOBICARDINC join us on LinkedIn at MobiCard Inc, Instagram: MobiCard Inc (mobicard_inc) Pinterest: MobiCard Inc and Twitter : @card_mobi.

Just look for the new Logo! 

Mobicard invites all of its shareholders to connect with us on all of these platforms ahead of the official launch of the new technology platform.

Mobicard’s technology team is working diligently on getting the 64-bit conversions addressed that Google Play has required.  Through the process, Google is requiring all application developers to provide code for both 32-bit and 64-bit architecture to have full compatibility for their all Android devices. 64-bit ready applications provide performance improvements, makes way for future innovation, and prepares for any 64-bit only devices that will be launched in the future.  Think Latitude feels that addressing the conversion before deployment would allow for their team to address all major issues during the rebuilding of the application so that the deployment process is smooth and seamless.

MobiCard is seeking to be the premier app in the networking and business technology industry; therefore, we must be prepared for users of all walks of life with 32-bit and 64-bit devices.  The process may be delayed in the short-term, but we want to ensure that we get it done right and prepare for an ultimate successful launch deployment into the Apple and Google Play stores.  By adhering to these regulations set forth by Google, Think Latitude is addressing the rebuild efforts of making sure that the code architecture is compatible within the realm of existing and newer devices that launch in the market in the future. This delay is not costing Mobicard any additional expenses, but is providing redevelopment at the brand new format requirements thus enabling a stronger much better platform.

“The initial 64-bit version of MobiCard was not stable enough for a market release.  With each subsequent QA test cycle, we have seen drastic improvement in stability and fewer bugs in the functionality.  Think Latitude has floated a considerable amount of overhead cost towards the conversion efforts and additional QA cycles.  As equity partners of MobiCard, we felt that adding this additional time into this project would create greater value towards the core product of MobiCard.  Josh and I spoke multiple times about this effort and mutually agreed to put in the necessary efforts to prioritize [application] stability over the release timeline” explains Andy Sajnani, CEO of Think Latitude.

The requirement from Google Play came at an opportune time.  As the apps were complete and stable in the 32-bit environment, the conversion allows the technology experts at Think Latitude to focus on a version that will cater to the early adopters of the technology using newer devices in the market.

“Think Latitude has a strong focus on helping each client become the market leader of their industry. MobiCard particularly has a distinct goal to become a disruptive technology in business card exchange, and catering to newer devices with this conversion will get us one step closer to this goal” states Misha Shah, COO of Think Latitude.

The Beta test program will only begin once the applications are approved in the GooglePlayStore and Apple store. Those that signed up and were selected for the Beta program will receive an email once the beta program starts aside from their acceptance email, announcing the instructions and the start of the Beta program. There will also be a press release made at the time that both Apple and GooglePlay have completed their audit of the apps and approved them announcing the beginning of the Beta test program as well.

“We are extremely excited in anticipation of the completion and submittal of these apps to Apple and GooglePlayStore soon. I will announce when we submit the apps to the audit process and again when we clear the audits, announcing the Beta test program launch. I am glad that we are getting this additional work done at no cost to Mobicard and hope that shareholders recognize this additional value and key timing.” Stated Joshua Sodaitis Chairman and CEO of Mobicard Inc.

“Due to popular demand, I have decided to expand the number of positions available to join the Beta Test program for more participants. As head of the Beta Test program, we’ve had exceptional feedback with diverse backgrounds and skill sets from the individuals that have signed up. I’m excited for when the Beta Test program Launches.” Concluded Connor J Boyd Head of the Beta Test Mobicard team.

If any shareholders would still like to sign up to be a beta tester there is still time, send an email to indicating that you would like to be part of the select group.

To see more about the GooglePlayStore 32-bit to 64-bit changes you can click this link:


Safe Harbor Statement:

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Joshua Sodaitis, Chairman & CEO

MobiCard, Inc.

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