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Galileo Life Sciences Announces Name Change Emphasizing It’s Bold Vision


TORONTO, ONT, Canada, March 25, 2021 — —  Modern Mobility Aids Inc., (OTC Pink: MDRM), a company dedicated to simplifying the world of healthcare, announced today that its Board of Directors and shareholders voted on a new name and identity for the company: Galileo Life Sciences, Inc. (Galileo).

“We are excited to adopt the name Galileo Life Sciences. We believe it better reflects our objective to make access to healthcare uncomplicated,” Tito DiMarco, President of Galileo, said.

The COVID-19 outbreak has brought unexpected challenges to the healthcare industry. Some of these challenges are complex. The solutions rely on the faster adaptation of technology. Galileo’s key consideration is to extend technological capabilities to providers and patients.

One of the major changes brought about by the pandemic is the way patients visit their doctors. As the corporate world turns toward digital solutions, it is incumbent upon the medical industry to do the same. There is an immense power in the possibilities of telehealth, and under a new business model, Galileo plans to leverage that potential to provide all patients with access to quality healthcare.

Galileo will not simply follow inline using new telehealth capabilities. Just like its namesake, the company will be a pioneer that pushes the boundaries and makes new discoveries in this space. The famed scientist became the inspiration for this new identity because he is known as “the father of modern science,” and Galileo will become the “father of modern healthcare.” This new name, identity and business model fully display the intentions of the company to be a leader in what we expect to become a rapidly growing space. Delivering realistic healthcare solutions to the working family is more important than ever before. Emphasizing and committing to telehealth is the first step to accomplishing that mission.

For nearly two years, the company dedicated all operations to revolutionizing the healthcare industry and transforming it into an easily navigable space. Telehealth brings healthcare into patients’ homes. It uses technology they are familiar with to deliver potentially life-changing medical advice. The company is focusing its new business model, new name, and new identity around this technology because it aligns with its vision to provide access to quality healthcare to all.

As Galileo ventures down this exciting new road, the company is moving full steam ahead. The name change is effective immediately. The company expects a new ticker symbol to be available soon.

“We also anticipate further significant announcements in the near future,” DiMarco concluded.

About Galileo Life Sciences, Inc.
Galileo Life Sciences, Inc., is a company strategically focused on the telehealth and telemedicine industry and is planning to offer globally available services. The company is dedicated to offering the most robust telehealth platform incorporating AI and IOT so that everyone can get access to quality healthcare regardless of location and financial ability. The company is committed to providing healthcare to those who cannot afford it. The Galileo Smart Clinics with integrated medical devices makes the company unique and separates it from the rest of the field. Physicians can get direct access to the patient’s vitals and examine the patient in real-time without affecting the quality of care.

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For further information, please contact:
Tito DiMarco
President, Galileo Life Sciences Inc.



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