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London, UK, August 12, 2021 – McapMediaWire – Law Firm Owner, Nikos Rotsides was chosen as the preferred nominee from our organisation for the practice area of Recovery Compensation for Road Accidents in Cyprus for 2021 by Advisory Excellence. Advisory Excellence celebrates excellence, innovation and performance across the world’s advisory community.

Nikos A. Rotsides

Advisory Excellence is an international network, with 1500 registered members from around the globe. In 2020 and 2021, Advisory Excellence was named among London’s best professional networking companies.

This distinction was awarded to N. Rotsides & Co after being nominated by our peers within the Advisory Excellence network. Our award-winning team of expert lawyers is passionate about securing fair compensation for claimants who’ve been injured or treated unlawfully by others. With an impeccable success rate, over the years we have built the resources and expertise to enable us to provide the ordinary man and woman with legal representation to match and surpass that historically available only to our government, public bodies, insurance companies and big corporations.

Advisory Excellence recommends just 22 experts in Cyprus, who we can collaborate with on domestic projects. The official presentation of the recommended experts is available on the Advisory Excellence website.

This recognition from our peers makes us very proud. We work with clients who have been injured or treated unlawfully by others with the sole purpose of safeguarding their rights and claiming on their behalf the maximum compensation they deserve.

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