Notice to the Board of Reliability Inc (OTC US: RLBY)

Dear All,

We are a group of shareholders of Reliability Inc, RLBY, (the Company) that are disillusioned with the current Board and Management as they are neglecting their responsibilities to us, the shareholders.  Specifically, they have essentially refused to schedule and hold the required annual Shareholder meeting.; They even modified the Company bylaws making it, making it difficult if not impossible for  Shareholders to call a “Special” meeting of  Shareholders which was clearly allowed in the Company bylaws. Every publicly held company is required to have an annual shareholder meeting each year. It was first announced in the Company  filing that they would not do the shareholder meeting as scheduled in May due to the pandemic and would do it in October instead, which is the anniversary of the Company’s reverse merger after being a shell for the longest time. The Company Board, as of this date, has still not scheduled an annual shareholders meeting.  Instead, they are wasting our, (we shareholders), limited funds to be engaged in litigations with some of the major shareholders who have requested a “Special” meeting, per the Company bylaws, and have been pushing for the required annual shareholders meeting.

Reliability Inc revenues have dropped by 25% thus far and the mismanagement by the current Board and Management Team continues to result in revenue losses. It has also come to our attention that the PPP loan was falsely obtained and was not used for the right purposes, i.e., towards bring back and paying employees who were laid off. Instead, employees without contracts were laid off and the money is being used to litigate against our right to hold a shareholders meeting, enrich their balance sheet, fund losses, and pay for inflated salaries of the management.

We have a few shareholders who are willing to join in a class action lawsuit. Are you willing to join as well? The more people to join, the more impactful our lawsuit will be. Joining the lawsuit will not cost you anything and if you are interested, please email me at:


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