OTC PR Wire announces partnership with FinanceNorth, Ltd

Phoenix, Arizona, April 20, 2020– OTC PR Wire is pleased to announce our partnership with FinanceNorth, Ltd., a boutique finance and advisory company with a team of highly skilled professionals specializing in investment capital, corporate advisory, identification of acquisition targets and strategic alliances as well as government and trade services, among others.

Mark B. Newbauer, founder of OTC PR Wire stated: “It is my sincere passion to bring value to every company we service across all aspects of branding, dissemination and disclosure. We are a one of a kind service and we are continually evolving to best serve our clients.

Over the past 10 years we’ve had the opportunity to connect and form alliances with top providers including attorneys, accountants, market makers, transfer agents, financers, lenders and investors and some of the most effective consultants with ability to navigate the ins-and-outs of the public markets, positioning our clients for growth and share value among the best.

Amidst the global crisis we are enduring together, OTC PR Wire has teamed with a team of professionals to ensure our clients have access to top-tier service with access to investment capital, strategic consulting and cost-effective growth initiatives.”

FinanceNorth is positioned to bring value to all phases of business and we are thrilled to announce that OTC PR Wire has negotiated exclusive access to FinanceNorth’s white glove service for our client base.

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