Principal Solar’s New Management Announces Strategic Restructuring

New Structure Includes the Creation of Specific Divisions to Capitalize Both on Hydrocarbon Extraction Opportunities and Renewable Energy Technology Licensing Opportunities

DALLAS, TEXAS, March 9, 2021 – — Principal Solar, Inc. (OTC Pink: PSWW) (“Principal” or “the Company”), a strategic investor in and acquirer of organizations and technologies that support next-generation opportunities in traditional, renewable, and clean energy sectors as well as an acquirer of undervalued petroleum-producing properties, today announced the formalization of its recent Board approved restructuring, into two divisions under the leadership of its newly-expanded management team.

“Our new structure provides the agility and clarity of purpose needed to capitalize on two important areas of potential for Principal: the licensing of renewable energy technologies, and the acquisition of potentially high-value oil-producing properties,” said K. Bryce “Rick” Toussaint, MBA, CPA, Chairman and CEO of PSSW. “Through our Bayou Road Investments subsidiary, the Company holds a license to the Tokata Oil Recovery System (‘TORS’), an innovative and cost-effective new ‘green’ tertiary oil recovery technology. In the coming weeks, through our second Board Approved subsidiary, we also plan to announce the first of what we believe will be many acquisitions of undervalued oil and gas producing properties.”

Strategically, PSWW’s go-forward plans include several objectives:

  • Development and execution of its five-year strategy to acquire “stripper”, orphaned, marginalized, and similarly undervalued wells via its newly-approved second subsidiary
  •  Commercialization and deployment of its innovative TORS oil recovery solution, initially onto its second subsidiary’s acquired and/or operated properties.
  •  Structuring its business and second subsidiary in such a way that could potentially facilitate opportunistic “spinning off” (via public listing, sale, or other, potentially similarly   advantageous mechanism), while ensuring that Principal Solar continues its core business of investing in “green” and renewable energy technologies.
  • Monetizing proven oil reservoirs in Oklahoma, Texas, and Louisiana
  • Development and deployment of an equity investment capital structure with low leverage
  • Streamlining operations to minimize expenses and company overhead.

The Company also announced two additions to its executive management team: advisor Chris Scully, an independent oil producer and land man with over 42 years of hands-on oil and gas experience; and Anthony Lerner, PSWW’s Chief Operating Officer. A veteran of the petroleum industry, Mr. Lerner is a graduate of Dartmouth College with degrees in Geology and Physics.  

About Principal Solar

Principal Solar is a strategic investor in and acquirer of organizations and technologies that support next-generation opportunities in traditional, renewable, and clean energy sectors as well as an acquirer and operator of undervalued petroleum-producing properties.

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