ProTek Capital Inc. – New Acquisitions and Business Plan Development Launch for 2021


DALLAS, TX, February 1, 2021 – — ProTek Capital Inc., (OTC PINK: PRPM) (“the Company”) announces today that the Company and its management acquired publicly traded company Black Dragon Resource Companies Inc. (OTC PINK: BDGR)

Both Companies recognized the unique market space that ProTek Capital Inc., has entered, and are excited to participate and ultimately take advantage of this beneficial strategic relationship. This will enhance the pursuit to increase PPS and all shareholders values for both companies and their affiliates.

“At ProTek Capital Inc., we always try to reach for higher goals and bring value to our PPS and portfolio. We have assembled a great team of managers and service providers who are involved in the final stages of our filings to move the company up to “OTCPK Current Status”. We are also committed and have been cleared and approved to file and move BDGR to “current status’ on OTCPK and finally move to OTCQB/BB Boards. Our clients and acquisition prospects showed incredible trust and a “vote of confidence” for our efforts to upgrade companies to the next tier, such as “current status”, and then OTCQB, and that is why they went ahead and completed all our deals and transactions. In fact, the BDGR Chairman will stay on to assist and facilitate both companies’ growth and business development.  As a company, we will publish our 2021 season “business Plan” and milestones development guide. When we started in MJ market space, there were only two states who embraced MJ market segment, and now 16 states completely legalized the MJ/Hemp/CBD commerce, 10 states have it as Medical and decriminalized it, and 3 more decriminalized, so it’s a huge increase and new developments to enhance our position in MJ markets!” Stated Edward Vakser, CEO of ProTek Capital Inc.

The company will stay transparent and continue to report and disclose its progress and development of the 2021 business plan, filings updates, closures on more acquisitions and financial growth. (For both companies).

The by-product and as an additional bonus for its shareholders, there will be a “very handsome” stock dividend that will benefit all shareholders. That corporate action is already in the working stages with the State and other regulatory agencies. The management will release “record dates” and other details following this release ASAP.

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About ProTek Capital, Inc.

ProTek Capital, Inc. has historically concentrated on acquiring a portfolio of unique and promising, high-growth potential companies. The company is focused on Mergers and Acquisitions of Cannabis, MJ and CBD companies.

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