PURA and KALY Announce CBD Infused Beverage Growth Acceleration Strategy Introducing Beer Coffee and Tea

Dallas, Texas – August 2, 2019 — – Puration, Inc. (USOTC: PURA) (”PURA”) and Kali-Extracts (aka Kali, Inc.) (USOTC: KALY) (“KALY”)  today published a management presentation to provide shareholders with more details on PURA’s recently implemented program to introduce CBD infused versions of existing third-party beverages.  PURA has recently announced plans to introduce a CBD infused beer in partnership with an existing beer producer.  In similar fashion, PURA is partnering with an existing coffee producer to introduce a CBD infused coffee.  In conjunction with the presentation published today, PURA is announcing a third partnership development to introduce CBD infused tea. Additional partnerships are in the works.  PURA is a leading CBD infused beverage company having produced over $1 million in CBD Beverages in the United States last year.  PURA has targeted $4 million in sales for 2019.  The presentation is included in its entirety below and on the company’s website

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CBD Infused Beverage Partnership Growth Acceleration Strategy

PURA is an experienced cannabis sector beverage company.  PURA holds the sole license of a U.S. patented cannabis extraction process for the purposes of producing cannabis extract infused beverages.  PURA works closely with KALY, the owner of the patented cannabis extraction process.  PURA currently produces the leading CBD infused beverage in the sports nutrition market sector, EVERx CBD Sports Water.   PURA reported over $1 million in sales in 2018 and is targeting $4 million in sales this year.  PURA is currently piloting the production of additional cannabis sector beverages designed and produced by PURA as part of the company’s plan to rapidly expand sales.  PURA’s experience extracting cannabis and infusing cannabis is hard earned and unique.  In a strategic move to further accelerate sales, PURA has begun developing partnerships with third-party beverage companies to produce new beverages that are a version of the third-party beverage with CBD infused.  The company is working closely with its partner KALY in the implementation of the plan to introduce infused versions of existing beverages. PURA has recently announced separate partnerships with a beer producer and a coffee producer to make CBD infused beer and coffee.  In conjunction with today’s presentation on PURA’s accelerated growth plan, PURA is announcing a third partnership to produce CBD infused tea.

Accelerated Growth Through Existing Market Penetration

The partnership approach has multiple benefits.  The key benefits include the accelerated growth opportunity made possible by introducing a CBD infused beverage into the existing market that exists for the beverage of the third-party.  The third-party is motivated to participate in the partnership in order to leverage PURA’s extraction and infusion experience.  Ultimately, the third-party is eager to expand their existing customer base by tapping into the market demand for CBD products.

FDA Experience

Another instrumental benefit for PURA and KALY comes from tapping into the FDA experience of the third-party partner.  PURA is admittedly a young company with limited FDA experience.  CBD is clearly a complicated topic when it comes the FDA.  Instead of going it alone, the third-party partnership strategy brings years of FDA experience to PURA in navigating a dynamic and complicated environment.

As part of the third-party strategy, PURA will refrain from disclosing the partnership details prematurely.  PURA and the third-party partners will work diligently to address the complications of bringing CBD infused beverages to market before disclosing too many details that might make complicated matters even more complicated.

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