PURA Announces $100 Million Farmersville Brand Strategy

Dallas, TX – September 1, 2020 – – Puration, Inc. (OTC PINK: PURA) today introduced Farmersville Brands and announced a major juncture in the company’s growth and development as the company pivots from its hemp derived CBD beverage industry foundation to launch a Texas flavored, holistic lifestyle branded approach into a broader, but still niche, $20 billion sector within an overall market worth at least $2 trillion.

Today is the first step in a year long initiative to transition PURA from a CBD sports beverage manufacturer into a hemp conglomerate built on lifestyle brand with a broad CBD consumer products reach, and a leading industrial hemp initiative.

The year long initiative includes plans to see the Farmersville Brand strategy infused with a $100 million investment.

“PURA’s success today is the result of years of hands on entrepreneurial trial and error experimentation,” said CEO, Brian Shibley. “We have learned micro details that most would not find of interest regardless of how vital a particular detail may be to the success of a cannabis enterprise.  And, we have learned overall macro cannabis sector dynamics that now drive our Farmersville Brands transition. It is now apparent that the rate of legalization in the U.S. is going to take longer than the staying power of small entrepreneurial ventures.  At the same time, it appears most large sector players were driven by a we-can-capitalize-this-under-the-Canadian-legalization-bubble rather than being launched with a well thought out market development strategy.  We believe PURA is just the right size, with just the right experience to introduce the right strategy at the right time.”

In January of this year, PURA launched an acquisition campaign as a forerunner initiative to the first step of the Farmersville Brands transition announced today. The company leveraged its own experience and organic core competencies to acquire CBD infused beverage, edible and topical businesses.

PURA targeted CBD product acquisitions that could be enhanced with PURA’s patented technology. PURA owns a license to a U.S. Patented cannabis extraction process backed by extensive university medical research. The license, issued by NCM Biotech, is exclusive for beverages, edibles and cosmetics among other uses. NCM Biotech is focused on medical research and Puration has access to that research. See a recent research report on CBD extracts derived from NCM Biotech’s patented extraction process: Journal of Cannabis Research.

Since launching the acquisition campaign in January, the company has acquired a CBD confections business, a CBD pet products business and CBD sun care business.  Combined with its existing beverage industry product line, PURA’s combined horizontal market opportunity ranges across over $2 trillion in market value:

Sexual wellness                      $39 Billion Projected Market Value  

Confections                             $232 Billion Projected Market Value 

Pet Products                           $202 Billion Projected Market Value 

Sun Care                                 $12.6 Billion Projected Market Value  

Non-Alcoholic Beverage         $1.6 Trillion Projected Market Value 

Grand View Research valued the CBD market at $4.6 billion in 2018 with a forecasted compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 22% through 2025.  Grand View Research also forecasts that the industrial hemp market, which Farmersville Brands also plans to pursue, will reach over $15 billion by 2027.

Pursuing both the $4.6 billion CBD market and the $15 billion industrial hemp market, PURA’s Farmersville Brands will be developing an opportunity within a $20 billion niche of a $2 trillion market.

Central to the Farmersville Brands transition is the construction of a lifestyle brand that embodies the values, interests, attitudes, and opinions of the population where CBD and hemp products are an ideal fit.

Farmersville Brands holistic lifestyle approach will include a certain Texas personality component built on a targeted 70 acer property in Farmersville, Texas, just north of Dallas, expected to soon be acquired by PURA.

The location is intended to be a hemp mecca were visitors can participate in and learn about the reintroduction of hemp into the American market.  Visitors can engage on a recreational weekend sojourn, or engage in a  professional capacity to explore the best agricultural and processing practices, and new innovative methods for utilizing hemp to construct homes or to power cars.

PURA has already secured a $5 million investment commitment to fund its ongoing acquisition efforts as part of the overall Farmersville Brands transition. The existing investment commitment is an initial component of the overall planned $100 million infusion into the Farmersville transition.

Look for a series of updates on various aspects of PURA’s Farmersville Brands transition coming soon.

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