Spanish School of Interactive Digital Media ESAT Places 20 Profiles in Five of the Leading Video Game Developers in Europe, Japan, and the United States


Valencia, Spain- December 18, 2019 —   — Spanish School of Interactive Digital Media ESAT has placed in the last two years more than 20 students in some of the main video game companies in Europe and Japan, after consolidating itself as the leading European Training Center for Digital Creators.

Among more than 600 alumni, some of those names are Bernardo Valdivieso, who works in a large first-party studio in Tokyo for the Final Fantasy Saga (Square Enix), Manuel Tordera out from Canada who participated in films as Marvel’s Saga Deadpool or Rubén Moragón who creates for Guerrilla Games out from Amsterdam.

The students of ESAT University School (created in 2005 by experts in 3D Art, Cybersecurity and Graphical Computing under the command of its CEO Jaime Torres) have positioned themselves as a specialized manpower provider for companies such as Ubisoft, Rockstar, Nintendo or SONY Entertainment and video games recognized in popular culture as Grand Theft Auto, Far Cry or Call of Duty.


ESAT Founder Jame Torres


“For ten years, we have endeavored to build the best training school for video game creators and digital art in Europe, without skimping on media or resources”, explains Jaime Torres, founder of the institution.

At this time the professional success of more than 600 professionals in the video game industry graduates at ESAT, with professional insertion rate in the first year exceeds 95%, has positioned the center as the first bet for students in all continents who want to find a place in the sector.


ESAT Alumni have been positioned as specialized Manpower Provider for Top-Tier Global Videogame Companies


The School, which offers university degrees in video game creation endorsed by the British Universities of Northumbria, Teesside, Sheffield Hallam, and Coventry, provides programs (Higher National Certificate) in Creative Media Production (Computer Game Animation), Art & Design and Computing & Systems Development.

Its campus is located in the Spanish City of Valencia, recognized as one of the main centers of attraction for startups in Europe, and its programs are ruled by the British education system.

The link between ESAT and the universities of the United Kingdom has allowed its students to have an organic Bachelor’s Degree with recognition by the British and European authorities and immediate access to the world labor market.

As an example of the quality of its projects, it should be noted that in 2018 the third prize of the GDWC-Game Development World Championship, the world competition for independent video game creators, went to Deadly Burrito, a creation of ESAT students.

Some of the projects of the institution’s students have also won awards in the audiovisual world such as the Award of Excellence in 2015 at the Canada Film Festival and the Gold Award at the Los Angeles Film Review in 2016.

In addition to being pioneers in Europe as an academic center specialized in the training of video game creators, ESAT has established itself in training the best experts in programming, graphic creativity and video game script, such as Fran Ruiz, who served as Senior Games Developer at King and currently eyed by Scopely based in Los Angeles, Victor Avila, programmer at Rockstar (Edinburgh) or José Manuel Naranjo, who went directly from ESAT to Teesside University and from there to the British team of Ubisoft Reflections, in the English city of Newcastle.

According to studies commissioned by the OECD and the European Commission, in the year 2020 one million jobs linked to the digital industry will be needed in the EU.

“Our philosophy is based on preparing a high-performance platform and in a very specialized way for the professionals required by the digital industry. We look for talent and we empower it by printing the soft skills that the digital industry needs. We do not create generalists, but the best specialists”, Torres explains.

In addition to its projects in the educational field, the institution is leading its own digital startup incubator ESATLab, which already demonstrated several business successes, leads projects in emerging technologies such as Robotics, Visual data, AI, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality with applications in different sectors such as art, industry or medicine.

Its digital art installations have been displayed in Paris, New York, Shanghai, Madrid, Barcelona, Marseille, Brasilia, Buenos Aires, and Miami among other major cities.

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