SpinLabel Technologies, Inc. and Mammoth Ventures, Inc. A Wholly owned subsidiary of Greene Concepts Inc. Announces Manufacturing Agreement



Marion, North Carolina-December 3, 2019 — — Greene Concepts Inc. (OTC PINK: INKW), ( (“Greene Concepts” or the “Company”) announced that SpinLabel Technologies, Inc. of Boca Raton, Florida is proud to announce a manufacturing agreement with Mammoth Ventures Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Greene Concepts Inc. SpinLabel Technologies, Inc. has a patented dual label system made up of both an inner and outer label. The rotating label system used to make SpinWater™ bottles.

Greene Concepts Inc. through it’s subsidiary Mammoth Ventures Inc. owns a bottled water manufacturing facility that has agreed to install labeling equipment necessary to produce SpinWater™ bottles. This partnership will allow Mammoth Ventures to provide a SpinWater™ bottling solution to service the southeast, mid-atlantic and northeast private labeled water market.  SpinLabel is expecting SpinWater™ production at the Mammoth bottled water facility to reach a minimum of 250,000 cases per year within 2 years.

In addition to offering complete SpinWater™ product within these areas, Mammoth and SpinLabel™ are also discussing the opportunity to pre-label SpinWater™ bottles to supply various water filling facilities around the globe. Supplying SpinWater™ empty bottles to regional water facilities who would then fill, cap and fulfill to their local customers enables Mammouth to expand its sales potential globally. This supply chain engineering between SpinLabel™, Mammoth and the regional bottling facility reduces overall logistic costs and increases profit margins at each tier.

“SpinLabel™ is a unique, innovative labeling technology that utilizes a stationary inner label and a rotating outer label that has a see-through window revealing the contents of the inner label thereby providing up to 90% more label space. A SpinWater™ private-label customer has the ability to offset the cost of customized water by utilizing the inner label space to sell advertising. The revenue generated by ad sales not only offsets the cost of manufacturing but also allows for free distribution of the private-branded water. What was once a convenience cost to a customized water customer, is now a revenue generating profit tool. The advertiser benefits from the unique and engaging way to get their message in customers hands, while also capturing valuable customer information.

SpinWater™ turns a commodity, like bottled water, into a powerful marketing, advertising and data collection tool. Leveraging scannable QR codes, and text responders within the ads SpinWater™ provides a simple solution for a complex problem by delivering advertisements directly to the target user. SpinWater™ invites the customers to interact with the label using their mobile phone which then generates both data collection and foot traffic to the advertiser. “SpinWater™ bypasses the usual advertising chaos and noise by delivering an advertiser message directly to potential customers.”, says Alan Shugarman, President & CEO of SpinLabel Technologies, Inc.

Shugarman says “SpinWater™ is just the beginning, since a SpinLabel™ can be used on everything from foods, beverages, bottles, cans and even cups. With the 2015 Smart Labels initiative being adopted by tens of thousands of companies driving the need for more label space over the next 5 to 10 years, we believe SpinLabel Technologies, Inc. is well positioned to become a leader in the labeling space with its unique, patented labeling system. “SpinLabel™ is very excited to be partnering with Mammoth for manufacturing SpinWater™ starting in January 2020.”

Karen Howard, who recently stepped down as CEO of Greene Concepts to focus her attention on the growth of business opportunities for Mammoth as its Chief Innovation Officer states, “SpinWater™ is only the beginning for the Mammoth & SpinLabel™ partnership. The rotating label system can be used across various consumer packaged goods industries. By mimicking the “pre-labeled” SpinWater™ model across these various market channels, Mammoth & SpinLabel™ are already discussing expansion possibilities to supply Spin-Capable containers that service industries such as food, beverages, supplements, nutraceuticals and many more.

We are excited to be chosen for the partnership and anticipate several additional revenue streams for Mammoth Ventures”.

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