Starstream Entertainment Inc. Announces Promotion of Don Q Cristal Rum, Russian Standard Vodka, Dobel Tequila, Gancia 1850 and Dixie Vodka thru subsidiary Facetime Promotions and Consulting

New Smyrna Beach, FL, August 20, 2020 – — Starstream Entertainment Inc. (OTC PINK: SSET) is pleased to announce its wholly-owned subsidiary Facetime Consulting and Promotions LLC (“FCP” or “Facetime Consulting”) recently began promoting a variety of premium adult beverage products: Don Q Cristal Rum, Russian Standard Vodka, Dobel Tequila, Gancia 1850 and Dixie Vodka.  Facetime Consulting recently assigned brand ambassadors to help introduce, display and discuss the brands to consumers.  The result of these interactions has translated into numerous brand purchases in addition to increased brand awareness.

FCP’s brand ambassadors bring brand focus and awareness to consumer brands to better position them for maximum success and appeal.  The brand ambassadors are talented, sales-minded, quality communicators, and adaptive to the individual client’s tastes and aspirations

Carla Rissell, CEO of Starstream Entertainment and its subsidiary, Facetime Consulting and Promotions states, “We are thrilled to have been selected to help bring recognition to the each of our partnered brands.  Our focus is on client detail and we operate with a ‘Do it Now’ attitude.  We were able to successfully accomplish this with our recent promotions of Don Q, Russian Standard, Dobel Tequila, Infinium Spirits, Gancia 1850, and Dixie Vodka.”

Ms. Rissell continues, “We look out for the best interests of our clients and their distributors, while adjusting for the needs of each individual retail partner.  Facetime Consulting individually selects brand ambassadors based on the demographics in each market area to provide the best consumer experience, maximize sales and leave a lasting brand impression intended to create a repeat buyer.”


“This is the development of a 15-year business model which eliminates for our clients and their distributors the labor-intensive process of finding, developing and employing huge and unwieldy part time teams of brand ambassadors over massive market areas. More importantly, it allows their team to focus on their primary goal:  increasing portfolio sales.”


“We focus on communicating and educating the customer, creating demand, and increasing sales at their points of distribution. Or as I like to say, moving bottles into hearts and carts.  With over 50 high-profile clients representing brands such as Boyz II Men’s Harmony Wines, Stoli, Yuengling, Jack Daniels, Fireball, Stella Rosa Wines, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, Fat Tire,  Skrewball Peanut Butter Whiskey,  to name a few… we are growing at an exceptional rate and excited to bring forth additional news while maximizing shareholder value.”

About Starstream Entertainment, Inc. and Facetime Consulting and Promotions LCC.

Starstream Entertainment Inc. thru its wholly-owned subsidiary, Facetime Consulting and Promotions LLC (“FCP”), is primarily focused in the on-demand event staffing industry. The primary placements that FCP makes are to companies in the consumer goods industry.

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