Starstream Entertainment Inc. Launches New Customized Jeep Advertising Program and New Expanded Brand Ambassador Program to Multiply Client Sales and Awareness

New Smyrna Beach, FL, November 6, 2020 – — Starstream Entertainment Inc. (OTC PINK: SSET) is pleased to announce its wholly owned subsidiary Facetime Consulting and Promotions LLC (“FCP” or “Facetime Consulting”) recently initiated both a new promotional strategy as well as an additional business model to significantly expand total revenues.  This involves a promotional vehicle program to generate increased awareness and the expanded brand ambassador program to maximize the skills and talents of the brand ambassadors to capture increased business from new and existing relationship lines.

Fresh off of its’ recently described partnerships with multiple large-scale liquor brands in the company’s August 20 press release, FCP continues to expand connections and sales in unique yet very effective ways.  In September, Florida lifted the COVID-19 restrictions on all local businesses (see: NPR article ‘Florida Lifts All COVID-19 Limits on Businesses).  Because of this, FCP is introducing the vehicle program and enhanced brand ambassador program to multiply its reach throughout the Florida area.  In addition, during the recent slow months due to COVID, FCP strengthened its brand ambassador training and improved its web and social media presence.

Carla Rissell, CEO of Starstream Entertainment and its’ subsidiary, Facetime Consulting and Promotions states, “Our preparation and resource gathering during the past few months enabled us to launch two new initiatives.  First, is our promotional vehicle program which will embark on a yearlong tour around the entire state at the behest of the client and their various distributors. Our current project is a customized vintage Jeep Truck specially outfitted for the client.  It hits their core values of sustainability and upcycling while providing a unique visual brand impression that will engage retailers and distributor staff as well as consumers.”

“We can tailor the jeep to a variety of audiences serving as a multipurpose mobile billboard and a focal point for events and activations. It can be used for everything from a high-level VIP “Oasis,”  to a mobile bar for special events; a checkpoint for bar patrons participating in socially distanced beach and waterway cleanup efforts, to a retail parking lot attention grabber and everything in between.  The program is designed to increase case sales prior to and after the activation and to sell in correlating long term display units to keep moving product long after the vehicle leaves the market.”

Ms. Rissell continued, “It also works to benefit and further the cause of the clients’ core charity organization. Planned kickoff for this program is in concert with a well-known rum company at the Seminole Hard Rock Gasparilla Pirate Fest in Tampa, a large pirate festival that re-enacts a pirate beach invasion.  The event takes place on January 30, 2021 and houses visitors from throughout Florida and beyond to include a large VIP area with 20 – 30 different booths of alcohol suppliers sampling their newest products to key retailers, buyers and distributor personnel and all levels of supplier staff.  We expect this to make a huge splash for FCP as this type of gathering is like a trade show for us, gathering scores of potential new clients as well as existing customers who will be getting a firsthand look at some of the new services that FCP will be offering for 2021 and beyond.”




Ms. Rissell continues, “We have also launched our new expanded brand ambassador program.  As previously announced, our brand ambassadors bring brand focus and awareness to consumer brands to better position them for maximum success and appeal.  The expanded brand ambassador program takes things up a notch.  Typically, our brand ambassadors promote tastings Thursday – Saturday leaving Sunday – Wednesday wide-open.  This new program expands the role of the traditional brand ambassador during those downtimes by providing higher-level branding and administrative services in functions that many suppliers have had to forego or furlough during current market conditions.”

“Many clients wanting a connection in Florida in both chain/independent retailers and bar/hotel/restaurant outlets want to expand their brand awareness here but may not know the local buyers, managers, or owners.  Our collective independent contractor staff has up to date local market knowledge of these players in every corner of the state; valuable insight and relationships that have previously gone unutilized.  We have anywhere from 1,200-1,500 brand ambassadors across the state to expand client reach and sales by 900%.”

Ms. Rissell continued, “Filling this gap for our customers can save them hundreds of thousands of dollars in personnel costs and market ramp-up time while trying to launch or reinvigorate a brand. Essentially, our relationships become their relationships.  This model will allow clients to saturate a market very quickly for a fraction of the cost of adding headcount to their organization, bypassing the associated training/onboarding time and expenses associated with it.”

“FCP will make planned and unplanned introductions between client brands and these key people, and conduct staff tastings and product familiarization sessions during the beginning of the week and conduct the traditional tastings personally during peak traffic times. We will be able to connect our clients with more consumers and retailers, increase the number of approved SKUs for our distributors and, at the same time, create more experienced and better-rounded product specialists on our roster. This will result in more effective brand ambassadors overall, higher volume sales in the trades, and better contractor retention thereby maximizing both client and FCP profits,” Ms. Rissell stated.


Share Structure Information for Starstream Entertainment Inc. as of November 6, 2020

Total Shares Authorized: 450,000,000 shares

Total Unrestricted Common Shares (Float):  16,686,162 shares

Total Outstanding Common Shares (O/S): 68,010,196 shares

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About Starstream Entertainment, Inc. and Facetime Consulting and Promotions LCC.

Starstream Entertainment Inc. thru its wholly-owned subsidiary, Facetime Consulting and Promotions LLC (“FCP”) is primarily focused in the on-demand event staffing industry. The primary placements that FCP makes are to companies in the consumer goods industry.

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