Suntex Enterprises, Inc. Grows Pumped

Las Vegas NV — July 15, 2019 — – Suntex Enterprises Inc. (OTC: SNTX) is pleased to announce that the Company has entered into an agreement to expand its CBD offerings.

Suntex Enterprises, Inc. has entered into an agreement with a leading manufacturer of CBD and CBD related consumer products with the intention of developing products for the Company’s Pumped Fitness brand. Currently, the Company develops, manufactures and sells a cutting-edge beverage product called Pumped Fitness CBD Water. “Pumped Fitness is presently a product. We will be spending the next year transforming Pumped Fitness into a full-service brand of consumer goods.” Sates Larry Twombly, Suntex Enterprises CEO.

The first two products that will be joining Pumped Fitness CBD Water in carrying the Pumped Fitness logo are Pumped Fitness Healing Balm and Pumped Fitness Daily Supplement.

The Healing Balm is an analgesic cream packaged in an attractive 4oz. cosmetic container. The balm is specifically formulated with all-natural ingredients and enhanced with the highest quality CBD available. The Balm is medicated to absorb into the afflicted areas quickly for drastic relief. The Balm is ideal for athletes and anyone suffering from joint and muscle pain.

The Daily Supplement is a potent dose of the purest CBD available. The CBD is offered in a pill form. The Daily Supplement pills are packaged in a stunning container carrying the Pumped Fitness Logo. Each container will hold 30 Daily Dose pills. 30 pills are equal to a full month of Supplements. The Supplement is designed for the individual suffering from stiffness, discomfort and daily irritation. The Supplement is perfect for the consumer seeking an all-natural alternative to pharmaceutical pain relievers.

Pumped Fitness will be introducing other CBD Consumer Products as the market allows. The Company intends to seek the development of products in diverse industries such as the Skin Care industry as well as the Hair Care industry. The Company also intends to develop products for the Pet Care industry.

The marketing of the Pumped Fitness brands will be 2-fold. The Company will be selling the products on a wholesale measure to specific distributors and retail locations. The Company will also be re-designing the Pumped Fitness website ( allowing the consumer the ability to purchase all products directly. Suntex Enterprises desires a strong web and internet presence. The Company intends to have the new products and the retail friendly web site completed in 30-45 days.

Mr. Twombly, Suntes CEO, notes: “The benefits and uses for CBD and CBD products is nearly limitless. CBD will be permeating a myriad of products very quickly. Suntex Enterprises and Pumped Fitness is positioning itself to be in the front line of this battle. We are in a unique position to take advantage of our contacts and create outstanding products that a variety of consumers can enjoy for years to come.”

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Lawrence Twombly, CEO


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