Suntex Enterprises, Inc. Nearing Completion of Negotiations to Acquire Another CBD Company


Las Vegas NV, March 17, 2021 – — Suntex Enterprises Inc. (OTC Pink: SNTX) is pleased to announce that the Company is nearing an agreement to purchase a food-based CBD company.

Suntex Enterprises, Inc. has been negotiating with a Texas firm that currently produces, markets, and distributes food products infused with CBD.

These products include Adult Candies, Baked Goods, Salsas, and Pasta Sauces. Both companies have been in talks for several months. The recent acquisition of Homestead Body Works (Makers of Budding Botanicals) has proven to the industry that Suntex is serious about establishing itself as a “player” in the CBD industry.

The goal of Suntex is to have a strong presence in many outlets in the rapidly growing CBD industry. The first offering from Suntex was Pumped CBD. Pumped CBD is a high-quality functional CBD Water packaged in a Dumbbell shaped bottle. Suntex recently completed the acquisition of Homestead Body Works. Homestead Body Works produces Budding Botanicals. Budding Botanicals is a line of quality-of- life improving products such as Salves, Tinctures, Etc. Please visit to view their line of functional products. With the pending finalization of the acquisition of a CBD food producer, Suntex Enterprises will have a revenue stream that is complimentary of the other brands without competing with them.

Suntex Enterprises is hoping to have the terms and conditions of this new acquisition completed by mid-April. The Company looks forward to updating the public as events develop.

Once this addition is completed, Suntex Enterprises will be searching for another acquisition target that operates in the cosmetic and personal care industry.

“The objective of Suntex is to have CBD offerings in as many outlets and categories as possible.” States Larry Twombly, Suntex CEO. “We will be constantly seeking out superb companies that do not overlap and can work together to complement each other for strong and sustainable growth. We are also seeking out superior people who are experts in the marketing and production of CBD products. We have no doubt that the CBD market is developing fast and is here to stay.  This, we believe, is a recipe for success.”

Suntex Enterprises, Inc. will be actively searching out other acquisition candidates to enhance the growth of the Company and to maximize shareholder value.

Suntex Enterprises invites the public to follow future updates through the Company’s Twitter @SuntexSNTX.

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Lawrence Twombly, CEO

Twitter: @SuntexSNTX



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