The Pandemic is a Long-Term Factor (NASDAQ: QDEL) (NYSEAMERICAN: APT) (OTC US: BNOW) (NYSE: ABT)

The pandemic won’t always be a pandemic, but the virus is going to with us as an endemic part of life. That’s the message from a new piece on Reuters. Reuters interviewed 18 virus specialists working on the pandemic. According to the piece, the specialists were hopeful that we would be able to totally eradicate Covid-19 after we started to get strong data on how effective the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines were in November and December. However, recent data emerging from new variants in South...

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The Second Wave Pandemic Portfolio (NASDAQ: LAKE) (NYSEAMERICAN: APT) (OTC: ALST) (NASDAQ: FLGT)

The pandemic is raging once again, with new record levels in case numbers across the US and EU. The spike is striking and proves the point for those who warned that cooler temperatures would mean a resurgence. The surge we have seen over the past week has set new records in many regions in terms of case numbers, with hospitalizations rapidly on the rise. With a vaccine still likely months away, PPE is the odds-on winner once again, along with social distancing and limited public gatherings....

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