Investing in Rapidly Growing Autism Therapy Market (NASDAQ: BNGO) (OTC US: ISWH) (NASDAQ: ZYNE)

While it doesn’t get a lot of press, the Autism market is unfortunately a rapidly growing market opportunity. According to recent data from the CDC, roughly 2% of all kids are now diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD). That number is up from 0.1% just two decades ago. This staggering rise has led to a surge in investment to address the condition, and a new legislative tailwind, with most states now mandating that insurance providers cover treatments and therapy practices to address...

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Small Cap Momentum Stocks on the Radar (NASDAQ: BNGO) (OTC US: MMEDF) (OTC US: LVGI) (OTC US: HVBTF)

Bull markets mature into frenzied displays of greed, hope, and naked euphoria before they die. But that last stage can go on sometimes for years, as we saw in the latter half of the 1990’s. As we climb back toward some version of a normalized operating context for the business economy in 2021 through the roll-out of various vaccine distribution programs, investor enthusiasm, already buoyed by record monetary and fiscal stimulus support, is verging on bubble levels. That has driven speculative...

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