B2Digital (BTDG) Underestimated as Gym and MMA Segments Show Unprecedented Growth

It is our mission here to highlight names that seem to contain potential that hasn’t yet been spotted by the market. We would submit B2Digital Inc (OTC US: BTDG) as an interesting case study in that light. For some background, BTDG is an emerging name in the fitness, combat sports, and live sports media markets. BTDG is building a strong brand in the rapidly growing mixed martial arts and “hardcore” fitness training space. The company has already established a foothold on potential market...

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Fitness Stocks Round Out the “Reopening” Portfolio (PLNT, BTDG, NLS, PTON)

The big trend defining markets right now as long-end interest rates crawl ever higher is the bias toward the value side of the market over the growth side. Another way to state this same dynamic is this: a bias toward stocks that will show a jump in cash flows as society reopens upon our approach to a vaccine-induced state of Covid-19 herd immunity. One of the most important areas in that constellation of concepts is the physical fitness space. And one of the most important reasons to love...

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Reopening Could Kick Off Live Sports Stocks (NASDAQ: DKNG) (NYSE: FUBO) (OTC US: BTDG) (NASDAQ: CHDN)

The stimulus checks are on their way out the door to the American public. The government announced last week that immunizations are well ahead of schedule since the process was reformed after the new administration took office in January. And life is ostensibly on the way to returning to some form of “normal” for the first time since the pandemic took control of our lives just over a year ago. One of the hardest hit areas of life and the broad economy over that fateful year has been the live...

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Penny Stocks on the Move: (OTC US: MCOA) (OTC US: CBDD) (OTC US: BTDG) (OTC US: RSCF)

  In this article, Insider Financial takes a look at penny stocks on the move: Marijuana Company of America Inc (OTC US: MCOA), CBD of Denver Inc (OTC US: CBDD), B2Digital Inc (OTC US: BTDG), Reflect Scientific Inc (OTC US: RSCF). We are doing this to update our regular readers on what is happening in the land of penny stocks. We are not focused on the bagholders, but rather the penny stocks that are moving and why. As we have stressed repeatedly to our subscribers, the key to trading...

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Portfolio Fitness to Close Out the Year (NASDAQ: PTON) (NYSE: PLNT) (OTC US: BTDG) (NYSE: NLS)

The fitness space has been outperforming expectations as the pandemic curtails in-person activities, crushing many industries, including gyms and fitness facilities. But the need to access these services is trumping the barriers so far, with many of these stocks faring far better than you might have assumed given the circumstances. But the most important factor to be considered at this point – as we approach the widespread distribution of a vaccine – is the notion of “pent-up demand”, which...

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Sports Stocks Approach Breakout Potential (OTC US: BTDG) ($CHDN) ($WWE) ($MSGS)

The live sports space has been a key story in the process of the pandemic. Now, with multiple vaccine candidates moving toward emergency use authorization, that reality is heightened. Normality is nearing a return. In the past three weeks, we have seen COVID-19 vaccine candidates from Pfizer/BioNtech, Moderna, and Oxford/AstraZeneca all report strong data and promising safety/efficacy profiles, which shapes the market’s view and discounting mechanism powerfully. Now, we are seeing new...

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The Argument for Live Sports Stocks (NASDAQ: CHDN) (NYSE: WWE) (OTC: BTDG) (NYSE: MSGS)

The live sports space is likely very undervalued at present, making it a potential prime opportunity for value and speculative minded investors, given the pause in capital flows, and thus valuations, that might be implied by the pandemic health crisis. Stocks in the space have had to tighten up to brace against the obstacle of circumstance. However, given that major trends will undoubtedly return over time, shares may be cheap and represent an interesting direction for those looking for...

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