Are EV Battery Stocks Primed to Explode on Growth Rotation (FCEL, BYDDY, KULR, PLUG)?

One of the most important inputs in the jigsaw puzzle of top-down financial analysis so far this year has been interest rates at the long end of the US yield curve. As rates go higher (generally on inflation expectations), money tends to rotate out of so-called “Growth Stocks” into so-called “Value Stocks”. And vice versa. This is because the future cost of money is a factor in quant models. And companies that trade on high multiples based on 2025 revenue estimates take a hit when the cost of...

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The Opportunity Ahead in EV Battery Stocks (NYSE: ALB) (OTC US: BYDDY) (OTC US: KULR) (NYSE: QS)

The Electric Vehicle theme has been at the heart of the bull market we have seen in stocks over the past 10 months, and for good reason. Tesla’s remarkable success in scaling production with margins and credits to produce a formula for seeming long-term success has helped to massively raise the profile of the industry. In addition, the clear movement toward ESG investing, and its focus on sustainable energy and the climate change agenda – and the massive resonance these themes have with...

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Electric Vehicle Stocks For the Win (NASDAQ: WKHS) (OTC US: KULR) (OTC US: BYDDY) (NASDAQ: FCEL)

The rush to drive a new paradigm in the automobile space is already well underway, with the Biden administration announcing this week that it plans to replace combustion vehicles in government fleets with electric vehicles. "The federal government also owns an enormous fleet of vehicles, which we're going to replace with clean, electric vehicles made right here in America, by American workers," Biden said Monday during remarks as he signed his "Made in America" executive order. This represents...

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Biden Drives Juice into the EV Investing Theme (OTC US: BYDDY) (OTC US: KULR) (NASDAQ: BLNK)

The Biden administration is off with a bang, signing executive orders and powering a clear inflection on a policy basis, especially with respect to environmental issues. The core of the shift thus far is Biden’s pledge to drive nearly a half-trillion into clean energy over his first term, which would double the funding – in today’s money – that the US federal government splashed into the space program in the 60’s and 70’s. In other words, it’s nothing to sneeze at. That formed the narrative...

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