The Big Picture for Virus Testing Stocks (NASDAQ: FLGT) (OTC US: ALST) (NASDAQ: CODX)

The good news is that the end of the pandemic is in sight. The bad news is that it may never really be over. Even after we achieve the big goal of vaccine-induced herd immunity in the developed world, the pandemic will fester and mutate and hide out in the emerging world, continuously threatening from the shadows. While we appear on the verge of knocking out the scary version of this story – all but eradicating fatalities and hospitalizations where vaccines are widely available – the path will...

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The Virus Testing Stocks Pullback Opportunity (NASDAQ: CODX) (NASDAQ: FLGT) (OTC: ALST) (NYSE: LH)

The world exploded with a cheer of joy on Monday of this week as Pfizer put out extremely encouraging news about its top coronavirus vaccine candidate, noting that it registered a 90% efficacy rate with no complications in its phase 3 study involving over 43K patients. Stocks took flight, bonds dropped, and small-caps and cyclicals massively outperformed tech stocks as the prospect of a reopening of the economy surged through the cyclical side of the market. However, as we are learning, the...

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Pandemic Stocks Set to Thrive Again? (NASDAQ: CODX) (OTC PINK: ALST) (NASDAQ: SRNE)

We have started to see spikes in Covid-19 cases in Canada, the UK, Germany, Spain, and France over the past two weeks. Temperatures are falling again in the northern hemisphere and cold & flu season is waiting on deck. The combination is not encouraging, especially since experts have recently come out and stated that a viable vaccine is still months away, and possibly won’t be widely available to the general public until next summer. In other words, pandemic testing, PPE, and coping...

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