Gold Stocks for Hedge on Wall Street (NYSE: KGC) (OTC: JNCCF) (CSE: JNC) (NYSEAMERICAN: NGD)

Governments around the world have created more than $20 trillion in stimulus over the past seven months, and there’s only one place to turn for investors, advisors, and asset allocators: Gold. So far this year, gold is the best performing major asset in the financial world due to rising uncertainty related to the global pandemic, geopolitical instability, civil unrest, and the potential for a constitutional crisis related to the political process in the US – the foundational player in the...

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Stocks for the Next Leg of the Gold Boom (NYSE: AUY) (OTC: JNCCF) (CSE: JNC) (NYSE: GOLD)

It’s not hard to find reasons to like gold right now. First off, the yellow metal has outperformed all other major assets so far in 2020. Here is the year-to-date scoreboard as of this weekend: Gold +23.7%, Government bonds +6.3%, Investment Grade bonds +5.9%, Global equities +3.7%, High-Yield bonds +1.4%, Cash +0.5%, US dollar -2.9%, Oil -36.4%. The important point to note is this: the reason for that outperformance is a combination of uncertainty and the $21 trillion in global fiscal and...

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