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Global Consortium, Inc., and Infused Edibles Mutually Agree to Rescind Transaction

  -    384 million shares to be Cancelled -    Global will manufacture THC Candy for Infused Edibles   Coconut Creek, FL -- October 22, 2019 -- -- Global Consortium, Inc., (OTCPINK: GCGX) and Infused Edibles, LLC have Mutually Agreed to Rescind their Agreement from May 29, 2018. The transaction between the parties took place in May of 2018, at which time everyone assumed the Manufacturing facility would be up and running within a few months.  Due to changes in the Cannabis market, Infused...

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Global Consortium, Inc., Opens Phase One of the Cannabis Mall

Inspections passed for Certificate of Occupancy -          5,000 sq Manufacturing Suite opens -          Phase Two which includes Distribution, Delivery, and Seedlings  underway   Coconut Creek, FL -- October 14, 2019  -- -- Global Consortium, Inc., (OTCPINK: GCGX) is pleased to announce Phase One of the Cannabis Mall is open.  The City completed and passed the final inspection on October 11, 2019, with all the inspections passed a Certificate of Occupancy ("CO") will be issued. The issuance...

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Global Consortium, Inc., Negotiates 5-Year Lease in Sacramento

  -     Leased area increases from 5,000 sq ft to 25,000 sq ft with ability to  sublease -     New lease has a 5-year term with purchase option built in Coconut Creek, FL -- September 9, 2019  -- -- Global Consortium, Inc., (OTCPINK: GCGX) has negotiated a revised lease with an option to purchase 25,000 square feet of the building the company currently leases in Sacramento.  Global is currently trying to secure a First Right of Refusal on the remaining 39,000 sq ft of the building. The new...

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Global Consortium, Inc., Reports Progress in Sacramento

-          Multiple inspections passed -          One last hurdle to complete                   -         Ready for Final inspection this week Coconut Creek, FL -- August 27, 2019 -- --  Global Consortium, Inc., (OTCPINK: GCGX) is pleased to report a tremendous amount of progress has been made in reading the workspace in Sacramento. Operations are ready to begin in early September. The City has been to the building several times over the past 10 weeks since the permit was issued.  To date the...

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