MobiCard Announces It Has Paid The Issuance Fees To The US Patent Trade Mark Office For Its 2nd Patent, And Gives An Outline For MobiCard’s Agenda For Completing Its Financials

Cambridge, MA-February 27, 2020 --MobiCard Inc. aka Peer to Peer Network (OTC Pink: PTOP) is proud to announce that it has completed payment for the issuance fee for its second patent to be granted from the US Patent and Trade Mark Office. The continuation patent should now be fully granted in the next few weeks. MobiCard believes this is an instant value add to the company. The new patent gives the brand another asset as well as giving it more proprietary brand protections. MobiCard plans to...

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ZICIX App Available for Download on Google Play Store

Carson City, NV, January 27, 2020 – (OTC Pink: ZICX) The long-awaited Zicix App has hit the open market today, available for download exclusively on the Google Play Store. Consumers can gain access to the App for just 99 cents, which will offer hundreds of dollars in savings with coupons from major manufacturers such as Procter & Gamble, Kraft, Clorox, Colgate, Hershey’s, Johnson & Johnson, and Kellogg. Targeted retailers include Family Dollar, Dollar Tree, Dollar General, and all retail...

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